dinosaurs have nothing to do with evolution....

tonight i remade my resume.
watching jurassic park right now.
the girl screams WAY too much.
i'm really tired.
people are going crazy.
that includes me.
i need a new job.
i think i'm getting sick again.
we're housesitting this week..
and also the next.
i am going to portland on wednesday.
taking the train. to spend a few days with me madre.
this week should be fun.
jurassic park is not so much fun.


wesleyborden said...

hey nat.

i hate that.

hey natalie. thats better.butter.

i cant sleep again. so i am listening to some music and thinking about taking my pants off.

Umm. too bad you didnt stick around tonight. well, upon further thought you didnt really miss anything.

wesleyborden said...

hey. yeah it sucked pretty bad. i got to play some music that was rad.