dinosaurs have nothing to do with evolution....

tonight i remade my resume.
watching jurassic park right now.
the girl screams WAY too much.
i'm really tired.
people are going crazy.
that includes me.
i need a new job.
i think i'm getting sick again.
we're housesitting this week..
and also the next.
i am going to portland on wednesday.
taking the train. to spend a few days with me madre.
this week should be fun.
jurassic park is not so much fun.


blam. awkward.

i find it extremely annoying when i go to use the internet at my house and i can hear someone (i wont name names) downstairs in the office say "oh someones online" and a few seconds later i get kicked off the internet...

how inconsiderate!!!! if you know someone is online wait your turn. jerks.

it is also annoying when you father asks you if you need the car you drive almost every day and you say "yes i need it at 11:30 at the latest." and when you wake up in the morning it's gone as you expected and you wait for it to return and 12:00 rolls around and there is still no vehicle. so you call the driver and ask when they will return and you find out it will be hours and apparently someone gave them the idea that you didn't need the vehicle at all. so you cancel your plans and start making yourself lunch. and you get a phone call from the driver telling you that your father (who now apparently feels bad about the misunderstanding) is on his way back and you can use his car... so you get your plans back together. and another half hour rolls by and you are on the verge of being VERY late and you call your father and he's pulling into the driveway as the phone is ringing. and so you can leave.

also very inconsiderate. you should always stick to plan unless everyone knows about the changes and is okay with that...

on the upside i got to eat mexican food with two of my favorite ladies, sarah and katy. and we had a delightful time.

but then when i went to pick up my check from work. it wasn't there because someone had already taken it to the other store. BAH HUM BUG!!!

i've had a dumb kind of day... a lot of my days have been like that lately. i think i need a bike ride.


off books division.

i'm better. i'm no longer cursed with the bird flu.

we were out of a phone/internet for about a week.
comcast "accidentally" cut the phone wires.... idiots.

so whats new? the truck tire finally popped at the port orchard ferry dock on sunday night. we were stranded. and since there was no phones at my house i couldn't get ahold of my dad to let him know what happened. so we went to seattle anyways. took the bus home...hrmmm. the tire is fixed now though....

word of the day:

hatchet man
n. Slang

1. A man hired to commit murder.
2. One assigned to carry out a ruthless task or a vicious or unscrupulous order.


i am so bored.

----------Edit 8:45 pm---------------

train of thought, point of view.

will someone please take me to a petting zoo. a real petting zoo. not a zoo where i can't see the animals up close. zoos suck. the animals are always hiding. i like to pet the animals. and be able to see them with out binoculars. i like ducks. bulls are angry creatures, are they ever happy? or are they always mean. or is being mean fun to them?

word of the day:


1. One who grips a hanging strap or similar device for support while riding as a passenger on a bus or subway.
2. One who uses public transportation.


i'm a villain stuck in a dead end job

someone gave me the bird flu...

when i find out who it is.... they are dead meat.


thinking about roadkill today.
what happens to roadkill after it's flattened?
my theory is this:
after an animal is hit it becomes 2 dimentional.
what else is 2 dimentional.
when you hit a cute little bunny, or squirrel, or a cat, it becomes a cartoon.
i guess the same would go for people.
if you hit a person with your car and they die, they become a cartoon.
how do you think elmer fud came into existence?

so i guess what i'm trying to say is:
roadkill is short for cartoon.


it starts so easy.

i had a dream once that time wasn't time.
the government controlled everyday.
they made days as long as they wanted.
they made weeks as short as they could.
mondays were rarely ever really mondays.
no day of the week was ever repeated.
monday would be tuesday.
tuesday sunday.
wednesday friday.
etc. etc.

i'm affriad of that dream.
what if it were true?
then i would have even less of a concept of time.
i already forget the day too often.
what if the day forgot me?

that was a real dream. it was scary.

-------------EDIT 9:24pm--------------------------------

so shortly after i posted this, i went to take a nap.
i was awakened by a phone call. i answered, it was my boss.
i don't even remember the first half of the call. all i know is that she
wanted me to open tomorrow if the girl who is supposed to can't.
so here's what i was thinking, and i must've sounded
compeltely insane. i thought when i woke up was wednesday morning.
and she wanted me to work thursday morning.
and i kept confusing myself until finally
i asked what day it was. i explained that i had been napping.
i must've sounded
completely insane.
i was so disoriented.
this scares me a great deal.

i only remember one other time this happened. i was a little kid. it was about the same time of year. i think i was sick. i fell asleep around 6pm just like today. and then i woke up at like 8 i had no idea if it was 8am or pm. and no one would tell me which it was they just laughed. i was so worried. i had no idea. i had to wait and see what the sun did to know what time of day it was. DISORIENTATION.