coincidentally i'm on a spy mission

well to all that read this i arrived safely yesterday around 11am. i guess it would've been like 1ish at home. we found the hostel really quickly and wandered around a bit. i felt like crap as the jet lag took it's toll on my day. in a terrible mood until i slept for about four hours woke up and went for dinner and ice cream.. mmm ice cream.

i'm in desperate need of a shower. the hostle makes you rent a towel for £1 a day and i'm not down with that. we made a desperate search for towels yesterday to find nothing. today we will attempt the towel search again.

we just left the HMV music/movies/games store. bought a bunch of cds. randee my mom and myself will be having a good ol' time listening to our new cds. i found deep puddle dynamics which is nearly impossible to find at home. i couldn't even order it.

we haven't accomplished very much yet, we took the underground to charring cross today. which is where we are right now at an internet cafe. i have been desperately avoiding paying 2p to go pee... i'm at bursting point right now. but paying to eliminate is just silly.

anyways thats all for now.. more on this later. hope you all are well and i hope this made your tuesday morning at work a little more entertaining. have a fantabulous week..

daniel- i'm looking for good grafiti for you. i'll take pictures. i promise!
devon- i saw some red suade boots at a thrift store yesterday and i thought of you. i didn't buy them because they'd be a bitch to take back sorry.

souveniers will be bought though!


Daniel said...

Ooooh...British graffiti. That would be fun!

Natalie said...

i haven't seen anything good yet...

Devon said...

Those boots sound hot. Thanks for thinkin of me. Hope you find a towel soon.