you speak well.

more pictures:
time for diliberation

that's it for now.


trip over a rock... i mean rug.

she made beats.. i mean books.

thats not possible just because you work at mcdonalds doesn't mean you're someone.. not just like me. real people don't work at mcdonalds. easy.

a bunch of femnists who are slightly overweight are riding a bus together... scary.

new cell phone this week... hopefully.. giddy up.


for you daniel... the only graffiti i could find to take a picutre of:
i've been craving cheetos...


are we gonna go grocery shopping tonight?

well i'm home. got home sunday night. with a HUGE ammount of traveling.. all day.. like 30 hours of travel time. it was horrible.

i went to the fair on monday. that was fun. we all go super dizzy passes and all became super dizzy as a result. but we had a blast. i think when you go to the fair you have to eat krusty pups, elephant ears, and lots of free drink samples.

tuesday i went to work. first day back.went rather nicely. i missed working. i worked again today.

well thats it for now.

hope to see you all soon


well welll... here we are in cambridge found a library... YAY internet... withdrawls are now subsiding...

we went to st. ives yesterday. which is quaint i guess. it's a very old town type place... bought all kinds of crap for everyone...

missing the kitties and peepee back home. rapidly getting bored with this town....

lots of rain and now back to sunny weather.

hood djing in leeds tonight... i'm not going... :( sad day...

thats it for now i guess...

daniel- not finding much graffiti here... they have graffiti clean up crews... searching though.


waking up is hard to doooooo

oh ok i gotta keep this one short.. only about 16 minutes left on the internet...

erm... everyone here is so polite.

like warning signs are all very polite. instead of saying "do not do this" it says "doing this can be dangerous" hmm not a very good example... more like "Do not stand in front of the subway doors" or the polite "Blocking the doors can be dangerous"

does that even make sense?

we were thinking about going to france tomorrow. but it's going to end up costing like £150 to do that...so we're not sure we want to spend the money yet... it'd be sweet though....

i guess thats all for today. smells like smoke in the computer place.. bleck... head ache.

ooo me and randee bought book lights yesterday and she made her sneak down into my bed last night. it looked just like war of the worlds was attacking..


coincidentally i'm on a spy mission

well to all that read this i arrived safely yesterday around 11am. i guess it would've been like 1ish at home. we found the hostel really quickly and wandered around a bit. i felt like crap as the jet lag took it's toll on my day. in a terrible mood until i slept for about four hours woke up and went for dinner and ice cream.. mmm ice cream.

i'm in desperate need of a shower. the hostle makes you rent a towel for £1 a day and i'm not down with that. we made a desperate search for towels yesterday to find nothing. today we will attempt the towel search again.

we just left the HMV music/movies/games store. bought a bunch of cds. randee my mom and myself will be having a good ol' time listening to our new cds. i found deep puddle dynamics which is nearly impossible to find at home. i couldn't even order it.

we haven't accomplished very much yet, we took the underground to charring cross today. which is where we are right now at an internet cafe. i have been desperately avoiding paying 2p to go pee... i'm at bursting point right now. but paying to eliminate is just silly.

anyways thats all for now.. more on this later. hope you all are well and i hope this made your tuesday morning at work a little more entertaining. have a fantabulous week..

daniel- i'm looking for good grafiti for you. i'll take pictures. i promise!
devon- i saw some red suade boots at a thrift store yesterday and i thought of you. i didn't buy them because they'd be a bitch to take back sorry.

souveniers will be bought though!


better cancel your minutes some turd might be calling New Orleans

i already posted this in my livejournal... but here goes nothin:

wow. what a weekend.

for those of you that don't know already, yesterday i accidentally flushed my cellular phone down the toilet. it fell right out of my pocket as the toilet was flushing. so it's gone, AND the toilet is broken.... or clogged with cellphone.

so point is, i've lost all the numbers i once had in the phone. so if you'd be so kind as to email your phone number to me or send it to me i'd appreciate it....

you can email me at:


i'm leaving for the UK in approximately 11 hours... so i'll have to get back to you when i return.. at which point everyone can expect me to have a bad british accent on accident..

i am so flipping hungry.