choreographed melodramatics

i really like the commercials that fat tire put out on the television. they are really feel good.

now then. what i really came here to say:

what is this world coming to? For the last 2 and a half weeks our manager has been out of town and so we've been running out of ver important things. such as straws, lids for cups, ice cream and frozen yogurt for smoothies, smoothie flavors, soda, bottled water, club soda and the list goes on. So basically we've been making due on our own but only starting this week.

so i went to schedule a musician for this weekend and i ended up running to the grocery store to pick up straws which we had totally run out of like zero left in the whole store. so i did that.

then i found out that the girl who was closing coffee had never even been trained to close coffee. so after bookstudy i came in and helped her out. no big deal. i could use the hours.

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