i love the new look natalie.

oh thank you..

it looks like a child designed it.

oh perfect. thats what i was going for.

ideal jobs?

everyone should do this right now....


type in your name and submit.

this means more jobs for more people.


i'm a housekeeper by natalie paquet.


don't choose your job at random, let the simulator do it.



today i bought a canon a520 4 megapixel digital camera and a 512 mb memory card for my trip. i am excited.expect lots of pictures. expect few posts over the next few weeks.

i leave in 8 days.


stuff like this is annoying

why would anyone have the nerve to post this as a comment on my blog. totally ridiculous. argh. losers.

lewisandres9009 said...

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3:54:24 AM


dancing is not an expensive habbit..

jazz it up.

oh i gotta do this before my boss gets here...

saturday night we went to seattle. me devon v. demetri and katy. we met up with brian, brian's brother matt and wesley. me and devon and demetri went together to the city center to meet with the others. i had to pee so i went to QFC to go to the urination station there. while i waited at the door doing the potty dance almost in tears because i had to go so bad i knocked at the door to see if someone actually was in there. the woman inside said " YEAH" and so i waited patiently a bit longer. when this girl who was waiting before i even got there came to see if the bathroom was vacant yet we decided that the lady who was in there was probably drunk and wasn't going to be out anytime soon. so we left to find another bathroom. she went to dick's and i went to larry's.

when i was on my way back from larry's feeling relieved, i called devon to see where the boys were. and they said they were coming out of the QFC. when i met up with them they said that the lady in the bathroom was still in there and asked them to call 911. so they talked to the QFC people told them what was up and an ambulence was on it's way. we waited around to see if she exploded or something. anyways after a long wait the EMT's finally came out with her on a stretcher. as we expected she was of large proportions. when i asked the EMT if she was okay he said "yeah she'll be fine" when i told him we were the people she asked to call 911 and we wanted to know what was up with her, he said "she just got sick." and she really didn't look that bad.

i was disappointed. i had hoped she got stuck in the bathroom b/c she was too big, or she pooped her guts out or had a miscarriage.. NONE OF THESE!!! just a little to much mc donalds and beer i guess... gross..

well thats my big story of the night.


what happens when Sarah, Mathias and Natalie stay up late watching "the mirror has two faces" and taking personality test?

Quote of the week:

"I ate a necklace!"
-- Sarah P.

coincidentally i always feel ill this early in the morning. haven't quite found a remedy for it. sleep i guess is what i've got to do.


what are you talking about willis?

okay... i've been lazy or busy. or both now?

19 days until i leave.
tomorrow parking ticket gets taken care of before work...hopefully.
dentist today. now my gums hurt.

many people are trying to get me and kt to move to seattle it seems. it's looking like a possibility now. but then there is the whole issue of a job. so someone give me a job and i'll do it.

brooke is also trying to convince us to move to hawaii with her. i really don't want to move to hawaii. blerk.

thats all i can think of for now.



boom karks

i've got a lot on my mind these days...

as i note prior to..well today, we've got some serious car related trouble (ie fixing the car, paying tickets) so thats an expensive whatever.

it sort of started to hit me this weekend that i'm leaving in approximately 22 days for england.

i have to learn how to let people down easy now.

i have to work A LOT.

i found out that a week after we get back from england my mom is going to basically move to portland for 4 months. she'll be here on the weekends and thats about it. just my mom. no one else is going. she'll be living out of a hotel for 4 months, luckily work will pay for the hotel and gas going back and forth.

it's starting to hit me now that i'll probably be moving out around the same time my mom moves down there. my sister and dad are going to go crazy.

i've got a lot on my plate right now and it seems that more and more stress keeps piling up on me.

what next?


Tic its

three months ago: plane ticket (not mine but my mom's$700)
three weeks ago: parking ticket ($100)
two weeks ago: sigur ros ticket ($42)
yesterday: speeding ticket (not mine but katy's $71)
today: parking ticket ($45)

who knows what is next. this summer has been one really expensive one.


gruuuughlllll (sound of dread)

i've got some good news and some bad news, first the bad:

BAD NEWS (take one)-
i just got a call from katy and she said that the car needs a new battery and air filters.. i think they are getting it fixed now. gr. old cars always just a bad idea....

BAD NEWS (take two)-
just found out that instead of just needing a new batter and air filters we'll actuall be needing a whole new engine. ugh.

GOOD NEWS (take one)-
I just found my old blogger that will let you know what i was like from grade 7-9. it sort of just starts somewhere and then trails off. i'm sure there are more blogs of mine out there in the world.. i don't know where.. i'll keep searching... at any rate here is an excerpt, my favorite passage (it reminds me of anchor man)

Tuesday, April 09, 2002
i love pie. i love it. love it love it love it.

so i've eaten a lot now. I ate.... umm.... uh.... i ate 2 sandwiches, 2 cookies. about 16 chicken nuggets and a lemon bar. that was throughout the duration of the day though... umm yeah. does that make me a pig? OINK OINK"

and you can find the whole thing at


Splinter Magazine

Ladies and gentlemen! lend me our ears!

I'd like you all to take a moment and stop by this lovely website

This is a great new music magazine based in the UK. The first issue came out in July. Anyways you guys should all check it out and order a copy of the next issue. with the exchange rate and shipping it is like $6 US. it's totally worth it. trust me.

choreographed melodramatics

i really like the commercials that fat tire put out on the television. they are really feel good.

now then. what i really came here to say:

what is this world coming to? For the last 2 and a half weeks our manager has been out of town and so we've been running out of ver important things. such as straws, lids for cups, ice cream and frozen yogurt for smoothies, smoothie flavors, soda, bottled water, club soda and the list goes on. So basically we've been making due on our own but only starting this week.

so i went to schedule a musician for this weekend and i ended up running to the grocery store to pick up straws which we had totally run out of like zero left in the whole store. so i did that.

then i found out that the girl who was closing coffee had never even been trained to close coffee. so after bookstudy i came in and helped her out. no big deal. i could use the hours.