you said i'll be the one you remember as self obsessed.

today was lovely. when i came home and saw that my mom was up, i thought to myself "well here it comes. i'm in deep doo doo for getting home so late." turns out she was only up because she napped all evening and wasn't very tired. in fact, she was in a really good mood. giddy up.

i love boats. and water. and i wish i lived on a boat very far away from here sometimes. i'm going to travel the seas. OH. gosh. i mean i really really want to do that. taking the ferry made me remember that.

i miss riding the bus. well i don't miss the hour long bus ride from my house to tacoma. HOWEVER i do miss short bus rides. i think i'm going to take the ferry and bus more often. it's really quite nice. cheap too.

oh! the moon was so big tonight. made me think of that talking heads lyric "man in the moon, moon in the man, got a rock in my throat." which brought back other various memories. all of which were pleasant. some confusing others not so much.

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