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DAY 2: Saturday July 2nd
Miles completed: 3
Time spent traveling: around 2.5 hours
Day 2 Roster:
Group 1: Craig, Valerie, Krista, Rosie, Tracy, Levi, Jacob, myself
Group 2: Don, Renee, Dara, Sabrina
Group 3: Bob, Ben, Tyler, Dusty, Kenji, Tim, Betty.
Saturday consisted of waking up, exploring across the river a bit. which normally would be difficult to cross, but krista and i found some trees that had conveniently fallen across. So we wandered around on the other side for a while. when we got back we had to break camp and pack up. We were out of the camp by 11.30am.

We hiked up to Boulder camp where there was another storm shelter and the rest of our group was waiting for us. Unfortunately the rest of our group neglected to reserve some camp sites for us and a bunch of boy scouts took them all. So we ate lunch and set up camp. played UNO! and krista and i explored the area a little. we saw many bunny rabbits and chipmunks at the campsite.

It was a beautiful place too. sort on a shelf on the side of the mountain. At one time an avalanche had occured there so there were a lot of trees bent over and half broken. not to mention all these great huge rocks to climb on.

It was kind of foggy out that afternoon. But it was really cool to watch all the fog roll in from all sides around you. this kept the camp site semi-warm until the sky cleared up around 10pm. That was weird because it looked dark but when the sky cleared it was actually still pretty light out. Eventually we could see the stars and they were very pretty. Unfortunately a clear sky meant a cold cold night. and thus no sleep for natalie.

We found the perfect rock to view the scenery and stars from. it was tilted just right and fit four people quite comfortably so, krista, levi, jacob and myself spent the evening guessing which animal eachother was thinking of on the rock. By this point we had officially adopted Levi and Jacob's mother Tracy as our own hiking mother.

and to bed it was for us tired hikers. Krista and I ended up sharing a tent with Valerie and Rosie due to lack of room. Like i mentioned before. We got little sleep because of the weather conditions.

OH THAT REMINDS ME!!! rosie and kenji were flirting a lot. and we made fun of them a lot. thats what the mormon boys (levi and jacob) are good for. sarcasm, cynicism, and making fun of people. it was a blast.

Coming up soon: Day 3! The great mountain top adventure!

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