i dreamt i was a crew member on the nautilus

this one will be short because i've tried to type it up about 8 times and everytime i get half way through it the computer freezes.

DAY 3: Sunday July 3rd
Miles completed: 6ish
Time spent traveling: about 4 hours
Day 3 Roster:
Group 1: Craig, Valerie, Krista, Rosie, Tracy, Levi, Jacob, myself
Group 2: Don, Renee, Dara, Sabrina
Group 3: Bob, Ben, Tyler, Dusty, Kenji.
we broke camp at about 7.30am sunday morning and started our hike up the mountain. about 2 miles straight up and we were on the ridge. Krista, Levi and myself had second breakfast at marmot pass. just before marmot pass we had to hike across a scree slope that was covered in snow. and normally this wouldn't be anything special except that the trail had been completely eroded and it was really scary. if one of us were to fall that would've been it. Once we were on the ridge we could see so far out. it was beautiful. We could even see the hood canal bridge from where we were, though it was quite small and far away.
down the other side of the mountain was the second half sunday's hike. it was about 4 miles straight down. Horrible hike down. half way down we sat down for a break and fell asleep on the trail. then we hiked down to tubal cain where we camped for the night.
kenji offered to chop wood for the fire. when he first started people kept telling him to put some boots on because he was just wearing sandals. he stopped chopping wood and everything was okay. but then rosie, krista, levi and i went up to the mine and when we were done exploring krista and rosie waited at the mine for kenji because he was supposed to go with us. so levi and i went back down to camp and when we got there we came to hear the horrible news. Kenji had chopped his foot while trying to cut fire wood. so anways that was the big deal about the night at tubal cain. it was funny. rosie fixed up kenji's foot. bleck.

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