check it out.

how many movies about dancing have you seen?
-flash dance
-dirty dancing
-saturday night fever
-strictly ballroom
-any movie with danny k.

thats all that comes to mind right now.. i know there are more.


lilpuppy said...

Grease =)

Natalie said...

was grease really about dancing? or cars?

Daniel said...

Oooh, Danny Kaye!!! I love The Court Jester. That's some funny stuff right there.

I saw some dumb movie with Vanessa Williams called Dance With Me one time. Don't see it.

Not a movie, but there's Dance 360 on The WB, or UPN or something like that. I can hear the crowd chanting now, "3 ... 6 ..0ooohhhhhh".

Natalie said...

whoa daniel! my parents watch dance 3-6-0 all the time. like every friday night. my dad wants to go on it. i'll make a post about that.