Shoot foo. i came home from work and saw this corona box on the table and looked in it and there was an espresso machine/ coffee pot in it. my mom got me an espresso machine. holy crap. i am happy.

oh but get this, whoever owned it last had it in storage for about 5 years and left purocaf in the boiler! it was disgusting and took so long to clean. but now it's up and running and i just have to pick up some beans from work. WOOT!

daniel come and play with my espresso machine. you'll like it. i promise.


i'm not so sure

i saw the most tragic thing today. well at first it was really funny but then i thought about it and i was sad all the way to work. at which point i promptly forgot about it.

so i was on my way to work and about two minutes down the road from my house i notice a cop car parked between two normal cars on the side of the road. at first glance it looked like maybe a car accident. so i turned to look at the damage and this is what i saw:

the cop and the people had a very skinny brown shaggy dog on a leash.
the dog however had a very bizzare looking muzzle.
when i got to the point where i could see the dogs snout i realized that this was no muzzle.
but in fact it was a jar.
the dog got it's head stuck in a jar.
i laughed.
then i thought about how horrible and scary that would be.
you wouldn't be able to see the cars coming at you on the road as the glass would distort you vision.
so at this point you'd be in a state of panic.
Then on top of the panic and blurred vision there would be the whole not having a lot of air to breath because your head would be blocking any air passages.

i felt so bad for the dog that i couldn't even enjoy how nice out it was.

i always seem to see the saddest accidents. make fun of them at first then realize how bad it really is.



no... she's right.


god so yesterday my sister threw a surprise graduation party for me. that was just a dumb idea. i specifically asked to not have a party but since people went to all this trouble for me i had to pretend to have a good time. it wasn't that bad but it wasn't great either. it was lame too because when i first got to my house and walked in the door it was just jacob and levi and chelsey and sandy. then a few more people showed up and i thought "man this isn't so bad. not too many people. i can live with that" but then there ended up being like 30 people there. and i was really disappointed because daniel and devon and randee weren't even invited!!! but then gosh there were so many people at once. ugh. on the upside i got a tent two sleeping bags and chair and a cooler, money, and a loli pop lab and a candy volcano and stationary. who wants a letter? my friends aren't so bad after all. but still parties suck. oh! i forgot fil made me the best present ever! he made me a card! it's so freaking sweet! oh. okay. thats all for now.


Bodies of Water: water parks, water works and water bills.

so today was go to the water park in tacoma day. the crowd included mathias, krista, jacob, levi and myself. turns out the directions mathias found were to the tacoma water and electric building place. dumb. so we didn't go. which i felt bad for because we made jacob drive all the way out there. grr. i feel for him. kind of a lame day.

oh! right. on the way there mathias was making fun of krista's family a lot and said some pretty nasty things. thats when krista turned on the water works. i felt so bad for her. mathias was a jerk today.

so then we dropped krista and mathias off at jol's house and jacob, levi and i went to owens beach and walked around a bit. it was nice. then we came home. i am tired. now is time for work. good. bye.


you said i'll be the one you remember as self obsessed.

today was lovely. when i came home and saw that my mom was up, i thought to myself "well here it comes. i'm in deep doo doo for getting home so late." turns out she was only up because she napped all evening and wasn't very tired. in fact, she was in a really good mood. giddy up.

i love boats. and water. and i wish i lived on a boat very far away from here sometimes. i'm going to travel the seas. OH. gosh. i mean i really really want to do that. taking the ferry made me remember that.

i miss riding the bus. well i don't miss the hour long bus ride from my house to tacoma. HOWEVER i do miss short bus rides. i think i'm going to take the ferry and bus more often. it's really quite nice. cheap too.

oh! the moon was so big tonight. made me think of that talking heads lyric "man in the moon, moon in the man, got a rock in my throat." which brought back other various memories. all of which were pleasant. some confusing others not so much.


human godzilla attacks Los Angeles

Today we went to Red Light and Everyday Music amongst other stores. I bought Talking heads "speaking in tongues" man what a good cd. makes me great happy happy.

OH! got sigur ros tickets today. $42. whoa. i'm very excited for this. it'll be

13 & God in september the day before Sigur Ros. i am very excited for those both and my trip. geehehehehehehe.


la dee da! lower your weapons

okay so a few things that are worthy of note, happenings of late as it were.

first of all, i got my diploma in the mail the other day. i guess that means i'm officially done with high school.

second, my parents have become addicted to the television program "dance 3-6-0" and they watch it every friday. My parents have gotten so into the show that my dad wants to go on the show and show off our family dance (passed down from generation to generation.) which is called the clam digger shuffle. if you want to see it you'll have to ask. anyways he added something to it, so maybe he'll win.

third, my car almost got towed this morning. horrible horrible incident. though i'm glad it didn't happen. but it cost me a pretty penny for it not to happen.

i am thinking an ice cream party will happen soon. i'll keep everyone posted on that.


check it out.

how many movies about dancing have you seen?
-flash dance
-dirty dancing
-saturday night fever
-strictly ballroom
-any movie with danny k.

thats all that comes to mind right now.. i know there are more.


what would you do with a weiner mobile for a day?

DAY 4: Monday July 4th
Miles completed: 3
Time spent traveling: around 1 hour even
Day 4 Roster:
Group 1: Craig, Valerie, Krista, Rosie, Tracy, Levi, Jacob, myself
Group 2: Don, Renee, Dara, Sabrina
Group 3: Bob, Ben, Tyler, Dusty, Kenji.
Monday wasn't especially eventful. we woke up broke camp and hiked out. had lunch/dinner at applebees. went home. it was a good hike out though. very quick. not too painful.

anyways here is a picture from last year's hike to tubal cain looking up at where we were hiking this year.. sort of..

i dreamt i was a crew member on the nautilus

this one will be short because i've tried to type it up about 8 times and everytime i get half way through it the computer freezes.

DAY 3: Sunday July 3rd
Miles completed: 6ish
Time spent traveling: about 4 hours
Day 3 Roster:
Group 1: Craig, Valerie, Krista, Rosie, Tracy, Levi, Jacob, myself
Group 2: Don, Renee, Dara, Sabrina
Group 3: Bob, Ben, Tyler, Dusty, Kenji.
we broke camp at about 7.30am sunday morning and started our hike up the mountain. about 2 miles straight up and we were on the ridge. Krista, Levi and myself had second breakfast at marmot pass. just before marmot pass we had to hike across a scree slope that was covered in snow. and normally this wouldn't be anything special except that the trail had been completely eroded and it was really scary. if one of us were to fall that would've been it. Once we were on the ridge we could see so far out. it was beautiful. We could even see the hood canal bridge from where we were, though it was quite small and far away.
down the other side of the mountain was the second half sunday's hike. it was about 4 miles straight down. Horrible hike down. half way down we sat down for a break and fell asleep on the trail. then we hiked down to tubal cain where we camped for the night.
kenji offered to chop wood for the fire. when he first started people kept telling him to put some boots on because he was just wearing sandals. he stopped chopping wood and everything was okay. but then rosie, krista, levi and i went up to the mine and when we were done exploring krista and rosie waited at the mine for kenji because he was supposed to go with us. so levi and i went back down to camp and when we got there we came to hear the horrible news. Kenji had chopped his foot while trying to cut fire wood. so anways that was the big deal about the night at tubal cain. it was funny. rosie fixed up kenji's foot. bleck.


since when do cars drive themselves?

DAY 2: Saturday July 2nd
Miles completed: 3
Time spent traveling: around 2.5 hours
Day 2 Roster:
Group 1: Craig, Valerie, Krista, Rosie, Tracy, Levi, Jacob, myself
Group 2: Don, Renee, Dara, Sabrina
Group 3: Bob, Ben, Tyler, Dusty, Kenji, Tim, Betty.
Saturday consisted of waking up, exploring across the river a bit. which normally would be difficult to cross, but krista and i found some trees that had conveniently fallen across. So we wandered around on the other side for a while. when we got back we had to break camp and pack up. We were out of the camp by 11.30am.

We hiked up to Boulder camp where there was another storm shelter and the rest of our group was waiting for us. Unfortunately the rest of our group neglected to reserve some camp sites for us and a bunch of boy scouts took them all. So we ate lunch and set up camp. played UNO! and krista and i explored the area a little. we saw many bunny rabbits and chipmunks at the campsite.

It was a beautiful place too. sort on a shelf on the side of the mountain. At one time an avalanche had occured there so there were a lot of trees bent over and half broken. not to mention all these great huge rocks to climb on.

It was kind of foggy out that afternoon. But it was really cool to watch all the fog roll in from all sides around you. this kept the camp site semi-warm until the sky cleared up around 10pm. That was weird because it looked dark but when the sky cleared it was actually still pretty light out. Eventually we could see the stars and they were very pretty. Unfortunately a clear sky meant a cold cold night. and thus no sleep for natalie.

We found the perfect rock to view the scenery and stars from. it was tilted just right and fit four people quite comfortably so, krista, levi, jacob and myself spent the evening guessing which animal eachother was thinking of on the rock. By this point we had officially adopted Levi and Jacob's mother Tracy as our own hiking mother.

and to bed it was for us tired hikers. Krista and I ended up sharing a tent with Valerie and Rosie due to lack of room. Like i mentioned before. We got little sleep because of the weather conditions.

OH THAT REMINDS ME!!! rosie and kenji were flirting a lot. and we made fun of them a lot. thats what the mormon boys (levi and jacob) are good for. sarcasm, cynicism, and making fun of people. it was a blast.

Coming up soon: Day 3! The great mountain top adventure!


It's a trek not through the stars

WOOT. this is probably going to be a 4 part entry. As i have to be up at 4:30am tomorrow and ... well you'll see. so we'll start with

DAY 1: Friday July 1st
Miles completed: aprox. 3
Time spent traveling: 1.5 hours tops.
Day 1 Roster:
Group 1: Craig, Valerie, Krista, Rosie, Tracy, Levi, Jacob, and myself.
Group 2: Don, Renee, Dara, Sabrina
We left the house at about 7am. Stopped at mcdonalds for breakfast and headed out to the dungeness trail head in sequim. We started the hike and of course about 15 minutes into i fall flat on my face because i looked up instead of down where the roots were sticking out of the ground. Not even ten minutes later i have to stop because my pack has worn a hole through my pants and cut into my leg. NOT FUN! so i got that all fixed up. Other than that the hike went very well and we arrived at Camp Handy around lunchtime. We ate lunch and set up camp. I think krista and i took a nap and then we woke up just in time for dinner. We ate and tried to start a fire. Failed. Tried again. And then the rest of our group arrived around 8.30 and got a pretty good fire going. My feet were cold so i put them in front of the fire and after a number of warnings, my shoes started to smoke and the rubber sole melted. funny. after this we went to bed. didn't sleep. too cold. At this point we have no idea what lays ahead.

More on day two tomorrow.

(note: the commercial levi spoke of when the song came on just played on tv)