well i guess it's summer...

green tea smells like soap.

work is boring at 6.30 am.

dexter never seems to leave until more customers come. i think this is because he knows that he can't have my undivided attention. such a strange fellow. i wonder if his sister is just like him. i bet she even looks like him. gross.

some guys followed me all the way from gig harbor to work today. it was soooo creepy. i kept telling myself that it was a coincidence that they were headed in the same direction as me. but then when i pulled into work and they screeched past and stopped at the end of the parking spots on the street and parked there i decided they had been following me. i ran into the store and promptly locked the door behind me. this got me so agitated that i even locked the door when no one was in the store and i had to go to the bathroom. it was scary.


Devon said...

Scarry! Where are you working? We simply must get together and 'hang' as they say.

Natalie said...

I am working at art and soul. maybe nordstroms soon.

we should get together.. i have to go to portland this weekend. but maybe next weekend we can 'chill' as they say.


Devon said...

Yes. That would be lovely except I think I'll be in the San Juans that weeked. Dag! Perhaps the weekend after???

PS In keeping with my creepy-voyer-fetish post yesterday...I'm watching your blog...muuaahahahahaha

Natalie said...

well... puh-sha. or however it's spelled.
san juans eh? sounds nice. i probably have to work that weekend anyhow. hehe :D

perhaps the weekend after. we'll talk... or something.