something for daniel and devon to read while they are bored monday at work

i've been so tired lately. since about thursday i've been sleeping as much as possible. Perhaps i'm getting sick, which is totally unacceptable. lets see here's a recap of this weeks events:
Monday: went out in service then swimming at the lake and then to see batman.
Tuesday: went out in service then i don't remember then bookstudy.
Wednesday: worked. then to some mary kay thing.
Thursday: went out in service then ate pie with chad and audrey (for those of you who don't know that's chad's sister) and then to chad's beach for a while. came home took a nap. then meeting.
Friday: Service for about an hour. then to demetri's then to chad's then to seattle. hung out with devon varmega, went to see white mice, the coughs love of diagrams and another band i can't recall the name of. then found out I5 was down to one lane and ended up staying at randees. it was very nice of her to put us up for the night, or put up with us for the night. Also got to hang out with devon and daniel for a while. which was nice. and thanks again to daniel for taking me to the bathroom. and i apologize for drinking the last beer, or thank you for that?
Saturday: drove demetri to west seattle, drove back out to the gig took chad home, came home showered (which i was way overdue for)and fell asleep until about 1:30 at which point i woke up and checked my email got a call from work asking me to come in early and i did. So i worked about an 8.5 hour day. came home exhausted and slept.
Sunday (today or was it yesterday): went to meeting. came home slept for 4 hours, woke up, cleaned the kitchen floor and went to a BBQ at rob, steven and izzy's house. which was okay i guess. i wont get into details. except that fil came and it was nice getting to hang out with him a little bit. hopefull he'll want to hang out more. anyhow, then went over to wes's appartment and played music for a little while. and then came home. and of course my mother called promptly at 12 am asking where we were. which was a minute away from the driveway. ugh. this is why i need to move out. primarily. i think.

furture plans include:
Monday: service and then its a free for all
Tuesday-thursday: work
Friday-Monday: hiking trip (not sure it will actually last that long
after monday i'm sure i have to work. just don't know when exactly.


Daniel said...

I thank you kindly for the consideration you show us office-bound folk, keeping your doings and deeds known to those of us seperated by halogen lights, office partitions, and miles of highway.

While wandering around downtown Seattle with Devon on Friday evening, we stopped into one of Devon's favorite stores, Anthropologie. While she was looking around I sat on the couch and was looking at a book about some French photographer in the early twentieth century. From the time he was a little boy, he would assiduously note everything he did during each day, the weather, and a sketch of each photography he took (since printing was a risk back then). Then at the conclusion of the day, he would rate on a scale of 1-20 how perfect his day was. A score of 1 would be complete unhappiness, while a score of 20 would be utter happiness.

Devon and I both thought that would be an effective way to make sure that you're using your day to the fullest. Because, God forbid, you have to grade yourself poorly at the end of the day.

I don't know how this relates to your post. Sorry.

Natalie said...

oh! thank you for your input daniel. that is a good thing to do. i would like to think i have my own version of that. i do every night make a mental note of everything that happened throughout the day. this however is not always a good thing. on the occasion (and i hate to say it but this happens more frequently than i'd like)i have a good day with a few minor details that seemed off. and when i go back over the day i start thinking to hard about those minor details and i start worrying to much.

for example the minor detail of this week was drinking the last beer. i dunno. i owe you one. sorry.

Daniel said...

That's okay. I already had several.

Devon said...

Yes Natalie. Thank you for the week play by play. I have been entertained.