an electric blue hatchback.

work is so slow in them mornings over here in tacoma.

i was setting myself up for something scary to happen today. i opened the door because it's already like a gazillion degrees inside the store. (it's only 6.17am). and its really foggy out this morning. i mean so foggy that you couldn't see the bridge towers in front of you until you were right under them. at any rate, the fog was actually finding it's way into the store once i opened the door and it was just bizzare looking. i almost went to change the music from jazz to classical just to see if i could make it look like a scene from a movie.

I'd just like to point out that there are three coca cola vans outside of the store right now. I'm pretty sure they're planning a raid on the store. or perhaps they are casin' the joint. who knows how long they've been out there or how long they'll be out there. they're watching me. of that much i am sure.

It only makes sense that they'd be watching me as i'm slowly taking over the world. I've decided to dedicate this particular blog to the progress i'm making in my world domination. Be prepared for some sketches of my progress. In the mean time, let's take a look at my progress thus far.

I've located the perfect place for a lair/lab. The only problem with it is that i can't take it over until i've become independantly wealthy. At any rate, the glass museum hot shop will be perfect. I even came up with a way to infiltrate and overtake if necessary.

I decided to start small...

A note of what i've accomplished in the area of brainwashing thus far. I'll leave family and friends out of this for now. But i'm sure i've got the Gig Harbor art and soul convinced that they cannot go on without me. and if they cannot go on without me than neither can the customers. This will work to my advantage a great deal in the future.

As far as the tacoma art and soul is concerned. well this is a little bit harder. As they feel i'm not a large asset to the company. For now this is okay, but only because i've put and addictive chemical in the coffee i make. I like to call this chemical "caffine". Before i put the chemical "caffine" in our coffee i did an experiment on one of our regulars, dexter. It worked on him. He's so addicted now he comes in 3 or 4 times a day. I'm sure that once the "caffine" gets circulated throughout tacoma and gig harbor there'll be no stopping me!!!

more on this later

so far sooo good!

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Devon said...

Arch Nemesis Natalie, at last we speak. You have discovered my mind altering ‘fog’ and my surveillance vans filled with spy monkeys, but we shall see who wins the race to world domination…WE SHALL SEE. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHHAHA…HAHA...HA...HA...cough…excuse me…HA!