an electric blue hatchback.

work is so slow in them mornings over here in tacoma.

i was setting myself up for something scary to happen today. i opened the door because it's already like a gazillion degrees inside the store. (it's only 6.17am). and its really foggy out this morning. i mean so foggy that you couldn't see the bridge towers in front of you until you were right under them. at any rate, the fog was actually finding it's way into the store once i opened the door and it was just bizzare looking. i almost went to change the music from jazz to classical just to see if i could make it look like a scene from a movie.

I'd just like to point out that there are three coca cola vans outside of the store right now. I'm pretty sure they're planning a raid on the store. or perhaps they are casin' the joint. who knows how long they've been out there or how long they'll be out there. they're watching me. of that much i am sure.

It only makes sense that they'd be watching me as i'm slowly taking over the world. I've decided to dedicate this particular blog to the progress i'm making in my world domination. Be prepared for some sketches of my progress. In the mean time, let's take a look at my progress thus far.

I've located the perfect place for a lair/lab. The only problem with it is that i can't take it over until i've become independantly wealthy. At any rate, the glass museum hot shop will be perfect. I even came up with a way to infiltrate and overtake if necessary.

I decided to start small...

A note of what i've accomplished in the area of brainwashing thus far. I'll leave family and friends out of this for now. But i'm sure i've got the Gig Harbor art and soul convinced that they cannot go on without me. and if they cannot go on without me than neither can the customers. This will work to my advantage a great deal in the future.

As far as the tacoma art and soul is concerned. well this is a little bit harder. As they feel i'm not a large asset to the company. For now this is okay, but only because i've put and addictive chemical in the coffee i make. I like to call this chemical "caffine". Before i put the chemical "caffine" in our coffee i did an experiment on one of our regulars, dexter. It worked on him. He's so addicted now he comes in 3 or 4 times a day. I'm sure that once the "caffine" gets circulated throughout tacoma and gig harbor there'll be no stopping me!!!

more on this later

so far sooo good!


here is a good list

in order of appearance:
1) that special on president bush being very religious
2) that movie armagedon
3) maria carey in concert
4) sex in the city
5) special on roswell incident or something

if you couldn't already tell, these are some totally ridiculous television programs that my dad has spent at least five minutes watching this evening.

whoa. i've been going crazy today.

anybody actually know what weather balloons are for? or if they really exist?
i visited the glass museum for the first time today. i was unimpressed. although i have yet to visit a museum that was impressive. no i take that back. i got to see the egyptian exhibit at the seattle art museum when i was a kid. that would have been cool had i not been a kid, and had i actually been able to keep my attention. at any rate, the museum was okay. it was a free visit for us thanks to wesley so worth it i suppose.

eh... i ripped my pants on a fence tonight. kt got sick. i'm not sleepy. and tomorrow i'm gonna miss meeting becuase of work. i am pretty sure Dee the manager is secretly trying to get me to quit. it makes perfect sense.


ooo. hiking this weekend. excited for this am i.


something for daniel and devon to read while they are bored monday at work

i've been so tired lately. since about thursday i've been sleeping as much as possible. Perhaps i'm getting sick, which is totally unacceptable. lets see here's a recap of this weeks events:
Monday: went out in service then swimming at the lake and then to see batman.
Tuesday: went out in service then i don't remember then bookstudy.
Wednesday: worked. then to some mary kay thing.
Thursday: went out in service then ate pie with chad and audrey (for those of you who don't know that's chad's sister) and then to chad's beach for a while. came home took a nap. then meeting.
Friday: Service for about an hour. then to demetri's then to chad's then to seattle. hung out with devon varmega, went to see white mice, the coughs love of diagrams and another band i can't recall the name of. then found out I5 was down to one lane and ended up staying at randees. it was very nice of her to put us up for the night, or put up with us for the night. Also got to hang out with devon and daniel for a while. which was nice. and thanks again to daniel for taking me to the bathroom. and i apologize for drinking the last beer, or thank you for that?
Saturday: drove demetri to west seattle, drove back out to the gig took chad home, came home showered (which i was way overdue for)and fell asleep until about 1:30 at which point i woke up and checked my email got a call from work asking me to come in early and i did. So i worked about an 8.5 hour day. came home exhausted and slept.
Sunday (today or was it yesterday): went to meeting. came home slept for 4 hours, woke up, cleaned the kitchen floor and went to a BBQ at rob, steven and izzy's house. which was okay i guess. i wont get into details. except that fil came and it was nice getting to hang out with him a little bit. hopefull he'll want to hang out more. anyhow, then went over to wes's appartment and played music for a little while. and then came home. and of course my mother called promptly at 12 am asking where we were. which was a minute away from the driveway. ugh. this is why i need to move out. primarily. i think.

furture plans include:
Monday: service and then its a free for all
Tuesday-thursday: work
Friday-Monday: hiking trip (not sure it will actually last that long
after monday i'm sure i have to work. just don't know when exactly.


ok... here's what you've all been waiting for! this is Sir Isaac Newton. He's the new addition to my family. he is a lovely kitty, but he might eat you in your sleep if you're not careful. at any rate this is the old boy:


WAHHHH! Thunder and lightning storm! yEAH! eoo. i'm so excited. i hope that the computer doesn't electricute me because it's on my lap.
Finally went and saw batman last night. it was good. very good. i can't wait for the next one. man. i was pleased to see raaz al ghul in it. man he was like my all time favorite villian i the batman comics. i wonder if his daughter will be making an appearance in the upandcoming movies? after the movie me and chad went to the beach and walked up and down it. the moon was full i think. or is that tonight? at any rate it was a very relaxing warm night. though my mom freaked out when i got home.

today though is raining and bleh. i'm thinking today is going to be a good day for making art and listening to hood alone in my room. which is pretty much the plan.

zee dop deedle dooooo.

i'm outa here foo.


it's all a matter of time.

look what we've come to. every story has been told at least twice. Most of us couldn't dig deep enough within ourselves to find any sort of depth or meaning in our sad lives. so we look to the few that can. and take that as our own. we're emotion theives. and most of us can only dig up an ancient emotion on an oh too hot summer night when we can't sleep. and we're all to preoccupied to even notice that when we do actually have a thought it's not about the whale beached on the interstate or the mass pigeon feeding on 26th street. But its about whats for dinner and who we'd rather be seen with at the local coffee shop this weekend, where we'll sit and talk about what work was, and who's doing what. It's hard for us to sit and appreciate what we did before we lost our vision. Simply doing nothing on a warm day or laying in the snow watching the trees get covered flake by flake until a dish breaks and suddenly we're awake. And all that we can remember is that it wa a good dream. and that's it. Imagine what its like for me to take my imagination off and set it on the bedside table and stare at you. right in the face. I'm making horrible looks at it. but it's not you i'm just trying to figure out what color your eyes are today. Because you wont believe. no tell me when i say i can't see you. well, i can see you but i don't care so i look past you and imagine bigger and better things for my day. And then i fall back to sleep. But you're still there telling me something about the kitchen. And then there's that pleasant dream again. the one where my face is cold and white. its right where we left off. it's hard to look at the sky when it's that bright. And at this point i don't even care what your name means. or really what it is. is. You see nothing is important enough to wake me up from my childhood. The one i never got to have until now. And it's all made up. The really sad part is, i wont remember it tomorrow.

indian food just keeps on giving.

I went up to seattle to visit Devon and Daniel. This was very nice. It was good to see everyone up there again. Dinner was delicious. Good job on that Devon. Always a pleasure to see Randee again. nice to meet sarah, finally. The giant cat book store was the greatest thing i think i have experienced in a very long time. i will go back. and take some pictures for everyone to see the massive kitties. soon i will have pictures of newton as well. we shall do this again soon yes? picknic in port townsend anyone? anyone? well i'm off to bed. good night world.


the other day on the way to work i saw handfuls of people all carrying the same type of bread down the street. i think there must have been some sort of big bread giveaway. or maybe there was going to be a mass pigeon feeding. hard to say. but weird nontheless.


my sister greased up her hamsters wheel with cooking spray.

the hamster licked all the grease off.

what a fat cow.
welcome to the weird bar be que.

here we serve.

team sauce and dirty socks.

you'll eat it because it's popular and expensive.

not because it tastes good.


man. midnight things are scary. but fun. it was nice out last night. kinda chilly but that was coats are for. the sky was mostly clear. OH MAN! and what a sunset last night. we were out on fox island for it. it was very pretty. bright oranges and pinks and the clouds were glowing sooooo big. it was fantastic!


new kitty cat. i got an all white siamese today from the humane society. pretty expensive but he's nice. he peed on me on the way home cause he was so scared. then pooped all over himself. so i gave him a bath. which he was pretty ok with. now he's wandering around making pevsner so mad. he is fixed already and its very nice. i think we'll call him newton. pevsner just yelled at me. oh well.

landfilled tonight?


eh. apparently i am not nice enough to customers. apparently there have been complaints. (i think this is a lot of B.S.) i guess i just didn't realized i was rude. or something. i always thought i was pretty nice. i hate my job sometimes. i guess i was wrong. maybe i should just quit.

what if the bridge you're standing on collapsed?


what if you were a mummy and your wrappings were blue?
what if you were a pigme marmoset with buttons for eyes?
what if you were a left foot and a right arm?


OH YAY! i just purchase "the new best of journey". its a book of sheet music.

i got a piano today. i am all set for journey cover band-dom. it's great.

who's with me now?


a little old man just walked past the store to cross the street. when he realized that the traffic on the street was moving at about 25 mph too fast he turned back in the direction he came from. i guess 25 mph was too much for him. so now he's stuck wandering the street in front of the store.
well i guess it's summer...

green tea smells like soap.

work is boring at 6.30 am.

dexter never seems to leave until more customers come. i think this is because he knows that he can't have my undivided attention. such a strange fellow. i wonder if his sister is just like him. i bet she even looks like him. gross.

some guys followed me all the way from gig harbor to work today. it was soooo creepy. i kept telling myself that it was a coincidence that they were headed in the same direction as me. but then when i pulled into work and they screeched past and stopped at the end of the parking spots on the street and parked there i decided they had been following me. i ran into the store and promptly locked the door behind me. this got me so agitated that i even locked the door when no one was in the store and i had to go to the bathroom. it was scary.


insects is really spelled "insects" not "insecs" and i am a retard for spelling it that way to being with. for now problem solved. and i'm happy with having caught that error myself.

so it's spelled with a t and thats that.
rows or tunnels of trees.
a long walk up a dark hill.
ink on my hands.
napping mid afternoon.
climb a tree.
take pictures.
this is my day.