only some of the walls in this building are painted green. the rest are a cold gray cement.
it's only a mater of time before they throw me out.
starting with a new blank space.
it's empty here.


one time i saw two rainbows in the same sky. the one on the right was lighter than the one on the left. i was driving down the road at an intense 25 miles per hour. i arrived at my destination and realized i had forgotten what it was like to see colors in their full spectrum outside of the computer screen. monitoring the shades of reds and blues. oh snap.


welcome all.
no one knows we're here.
we're all alone.
no one will read this.
we keep to yourselves.
no one cares.
we imitate us.
no one has seen this magic.
we take pills.
no one notices our cries for help.
we lived a long life.
no one loved us.
there are too few of you.
there are too many of us.
we share no common grounds.
we wanted nothing from this world but to be us.
you showed us how to exist without living.
we are grateful.
you are thanked.
goodbyes have been said.
no one here needs to worry.