The job search continues!!!

last night i put my resume on craigslist and since then i have had two emails offering me jobs and i just got a phone call from west coast careers offering to help me find a job. which makes the job hunting ten times easier!!! YAY!

just a short update on that little section of my life...


make that three job offers...

gang wars

this morning i made up a story about a gang war to cover up the reason why two things were broken. the general gist of the story was that the gelato stakes were fighting with the sorbet stakes and when i got here they were still brawling. But when i attempted to break up the brawl both gangs got jumpy and ended up with serious injuries. I rushed them to the pottery clinic and bandaged them up. that was the best i could do. Then i sent them to the kiln intensive care unit. they are currently waiting for the surgeon to arrive. The condition of both is stable. after they get better, they will be put to trial. They may be able to make a deal with the D.A. if they give up the names of other gang members.

i can't even remember where i was going with that....

poor misguided stakes.



today while i was making some cherry flavored suckers i got a phone call back from the people at the espresso stand. they said they hired someone with more experience.. and it wasn't even the girl who interviewed me who called me. so....... i think they just don't care. oh well. probably better this way.

so the job hunt continues. good news though, the vet visit for tomorrow was already paid for, included in the previos vet bill. that is relieving.

plus i made candy today. so that was fun...


if you're not in the mood for a rant don't read this.

so i have had an extremely stressful day. let's take a look at how it went....

This morning i had to wake up at 5:30am to get to work on time. which i did. and that was fine. i was very tired, and only a little sick.

Work was all fine and dandy, kathleen the owner came in (she brought her 15 year old daughter with her too) and made me listen to christmas music all day (wait til you find out how long all day was.)

Someone didn't show up to do their work so the girl who was taking the shift after mine so i could leave had to do her work. But since the owner was there she couldn't do both casually like she normally would. So i covered for her. Which wouldn't have been that long except the kid who was supposed to work the shift after the owner didn't show up until about an hour after he was supposed to. Which meant the owner was staying longer and being angry about working so long. which means a lot of yelling, plus her daughter was pestering her all day which made it that much worse.

So then finally kathleen leaves, takes her daughter with her. but the other kid still hasn't shown up yet. So i have to run both ends of the store, which wasn't difficult, but nonetheless.

5:30 rolls around and the girl who was supposed to work after me finally gets to the point where she can let me go home. 5:30 guys! It ended up being an 11.2 hour shift with no breaks.

so i'm exhausted. But luckily i got paid ($210.42.) and next pay check will appreciate my hard work today. Unfortunately now i feel so crappy.

so i get home and newton is home from the vet. I asked my mom about it. He has to be locked in the bathroom for a few days. and he has a tube sticking out of his chest. And a plastic cone around his head. The vet bill ended up being $190. that's almost my entire pay check. not to mention there are two more vet trips scheduled for the next three weeks. Friday i have to take him in. i don't know where i'm going to get the money for that. Then two weeks from friday i have to take him in again for a checkup. what do these people think? i'm made of money. heck no i work a minimum wage job at 15 hours a week. that barely pays for food. goddamnit.

so i'm broke again. Which means moving out at the begining of the month is out of the question. BUT OH! THERE IS MORE! if i end up getting a job in seattle, that means a commute back and forth everyday which SUCKS because that will exhaust any money i make. i wont be able to save it. so crap. i'm screwed.

do i turn down the job and beg for my old one back? heck no, that shouldn't even be an option.

or do i take a new job and convince my dad to let me work for him for the next few weeks and save up every cent i make?

this sounds like a better plan, except that it means i have to admit to my dad that quitting my job was a bad idea. but it really wasn't because i don't think i could take another month of working there.

so what the heck am i gonna do?


it should be the women who propose, makes a man feel special

Okay so interview today went very well.
it was at the Visions Esspresso stand on 6th and Lander in the industrial part of seattle. The girl was very nice. I think we got a long quite well. she said that if i work at least 20 hours a week the company pays for half of my benefits, that is if i get the job. and It pays a little more than my current job. which is a plus, it's just so little hours that i will definitely need two jobs. But i also asked her about other jobs within the company and she said she'd look into it for me. Now i just have to email her some references... UGH! i can't find the phone numbers i need anywhere. this is getting annoying. ah well.

oh what else? oh right! I had newton taken into the vet's office today. and when i talked to the lady on the phone she said that he probably just has an abscess on his chest. So he's there now and hopefully i'll get him back good as new tomorrow. I can't quite figure out how i'm going to pay for this vet visit... but i'm sure i'll work something out. eep.


take the good with the bad

In today's news:

A man gave me a fish to deliver to my father.

I got a job interview at a coffe stand in seattle, thanks to daniel, who is currently the man of the hour.

I went to work only to be yelled at by a very rude customer for 5 hours. if you want the details ask me later. However as a direct result another customer gave me some homemade peppermint fudge.. Delicious.. and calming.

Icey roads tonight led to lots of sliding for the truck.

I discovered a lump on newton's chest, i believe he may have breast cancer and that is why he's been so lethargic and ill.

I have to poop.



so i went up to sea town (as sir mix a lot likes to call it) and started my job search. It went pretty well i got at least 5 resumes put out and about three applications i think. so that is pretty exciting. more searching next week on my days off.

all was going great until katy decided to get really hungry and then really pissy. so we were driving around U-district and she was swearing like a sailor at the traffic. then she got herself lost and i had to find our way back out to where food was. and we went eventually ended up at the taco bell on 15th next to blockbuster. where she proceeded to eat massive ammounts of fast mexican food like a ravenous animal. And upon finishing she asked for more. or her exact words were "AGAIN!!!" with that much emphasis.

but anyways the point is, i'm well on my way to becoming a seattlite. which i'm not necessarily sure that is a good thing. but we'll see how it works out.



so i'm quitting my job. tomorrow i will officialize it with the owner. giddy up.
Hopefully if all works out December 31st will be my last day. which i'm sure will work just fine. let's just hope the next couple of pay check will keep my going for a while.

i will be looking for new work up in the seattle area the next few weeks. which means hopefully moving there if all goes according to plan.

hmm... i guess thats all for now.



I thought you could all stand to learn a little about me!!! plus i'm bored so here goes nothing:

well, the summer after 6th grade i was going to go to a pool party but i got in a knife fight with a world class knife fighter and he cut the side of my leg open, but don't worry that's the only damage i let him do. Let's just say i won, and i'm now the top knife fighter in the world. ask me another.

a life saving ring. and some pictures of things in england that my mom put up. and a sweet gold mirror, which is the only thing of mine.

it's light blue and white. and it looks like nothing you've ever seen before. it's a not quite a flip phone but the screen does pop up. ask me to show you someday.

a little of everthing, except country. i hate country with a passion. lately i've been listening to mostly anticon stuff and my other usual favorites, but anticon is definitely dominating my music domain.

i think sometime around 10pm. it's hard to say though, seeing as how even though i was a genius baby, i wasn't capable of telling time at the moment, this may be because my eyes were full of gooey uterine lining.

to poop. whenever i sit down at the computer i have to poop. i think it's because it's a relaxed environment for me.

i don't miss a lot of things. i miss some of the clothes i wore when i was a wee child. but they wouldn't fit me now anyways... so it doesn't matter.

probably my guts. i mean i literally can't live without them.

oh this is an interesting one... i only get claustrophobic when i am in a large room and it's mostly empty except for when the area where i am is completely crowded with people.

not especially. if i do it's because i can't see what i might be stepping on, which could be newton or pevsner (the two lovely kittens) and i'm affraid i might crush them with my feet.

ahha... that could have been dustin... i'm not really sure it was his fault, but i think he may have pushed me over the edge at the time.

i don't wear those because they make me sneeze. but on others, ralph lauren stuff is nice and so is swiss army.

it doesn't matter a whole lot, but i think i like dark hair. eyes i could careless.

i don't care. being proposed to is a scarier thought than the dark....

coffee i guess. i'm not a big fan of caffine at the moment. i've been trying to cut back...

umm... out side of the normal peperoni, green bell pepers, cheese etc. i really like bacon on it, and not that gross flat canadian bacon i meant REAL bacon. oh yum.


probably uh... oh gosh.. my mom. i came home pretty late last night... and the night before i got mad because she made me change my shoes.

i'm gonna go with: LIFE.

no, i don't like people. i'm a recluse... no i like people, they are alright sometimes.

not to my knowledge.

i don't have a favorite as i don't normally shop for brand name clothing, i shop for what is cheap, and fits right.

1984 hot pink convertible rabbit.

26&27 were cut due to content and unapplicableness.

that question doesn't make sense. as i see it, i have the choice of falling in love with the person who is leaving or someone completely unrelated to the situation. so what'll it be?

punch them. i don't hit people i don't like. :D


it would be predjudice for me to choose.

*86. which is voicemail.

today it was this large woman who walked slow when i had things to do at work. I couldn't get around her. And she didn't care that i was stuck behind her fat ass. Then she proceeded to plug the toilet, which I HAD TO UNPLUG, even though the plunger was next to the toilet. Inconsiderate idiot!

well i'm going to alter that question to be "have you benn to the UK?" and yes i have. once last september.

well i'm not a super hero so nothing really makes me melt or anything, but i guess i have normal ones, like my arms aren't especially strong.

i worked for my father's construction company for a while. it sucked.

yeah... a few... i'm not good at it though.

filling out a slightly different survey.

i don't want plastic surgery.... i'm alright with the way i look.

i needed something to do.

em.... how great the coffee i make at work is.

probably stop drinking.

my birthday has come and gone already... i also don't celebrate it so i could careless what people got me... which is nothing.

none. not for a long time anyways. kids annoy me.

no, but there are a few people who my mom is friends with that like to pretend i was named after them even though our names are only remotely similar.

occasionally. it's usually for things like, hamburgers, a comet to smash into the earth, you know the usual.

i like thumbs because very few creaturs have thumbs, and we some of the lucky few that do.

a week ago yesterday

yes but only because it looks like a 5 year old boy's handwriting.

roast beef. god i love roast beef.

uh.... i suppose... i don't even want to go into it, it's to very detailed.

i'm not embarassed by any of my cds. for a while though i had, will smith big willie style... that was a little embarassing.

probably not, i think i'd hate me

probably, but it probably didn't matter at that point in time.

only when purchasing a new pet.

i don't really release anger. i guess that means someday i will explode into a huge firey ball of rage.

currently randee's house in ballard

no. i wont even trust my own family.

um. hmm. probably my stuffed wolf, which i think i named wolfie... i still have it too. or maybe one of the cats we had at the time... or a hammer. i used to nail pieces of wood together all the time... man. woo.

lets see....85 exactly... thats a good number too.

no never.. i hate sarcasm.

yeah i used to love them, now i kind of like to just sit back and watch.

i dunno. i'll let you know when i see a guy that strikes my fancy.

nats, noodily, nagily, bee boo, boob those are all names my sister calls me.

only if they are too tight to get off without untying them.

chocolate chip mint.. mmmm mmmm.

i love the color brown. ooo baby.

i went over this once already in a previous survey, i don't miss much of anything, i miss the clothes i wore as a child which no longer fit me so it doesn't matter anyways.. i miss stephen... hrmmm.

none, i've never had any. my dentist says i'm highly evolved.

no that would be mean... i'm begining to hate this.

the humming of computers

a piece of chocolate cake at work.

sarah. who i previously thought had dropped off the face of the earth, turns out she didn't and we just haven't seen eachother in a long time.

haven't i answered this already? i guess what their conversations are like.

i dunno, i never really thought about it.....


water, root beer

i'm not sure.. i don't care. horiscopes are bad. eick.

arm wrestling on ESPN

medium brown with hints of red.

also brown. darker than my hair.

yeah the average big black framed nerd glasses. i can't see a thing without them.

i have a sister. sometimes i call her joon and she calls me benny. and we laugh and how silly we are.

i can't say i have a favorite month, they all have their redeeming qualities.


pre-show for the seahawks game today.

How can anyone know that... i don't remember 99% of the days i have had this year.

i dunno, i don't make a practice of letting other people know how i feel about that sort of thing.

of the two i like winter best, but i think i prefer fall over them both.

i don't normally let people get close enough to me to do either....

i'm not experienced in either so i couldn't say.

97 currently MIA

i doubt anyone will.

hardboiled wonderland and the end of the world

i guess anything is possible but it's doubtful.

that was not worth my time.. ugh.


yet another death in the family.

So today my sister's fish farfetfinhead died. he was the one i got her originally. We held a breif funeral over the toilet bowl. it was sort of rushed. So my mom came running out of her room without any pants on. bizzare. my sister called it a "indecent funeral."

hmm what a terrible turn of events.



What's going on with saddam???

I just finished reading a newspaper article about Saddam's most recent trial. As it turns out the court room apparently erupted into a lot of chaotic yelling and screaming. And it wasn't just the saddam doing the yelling either, it was everyone in the court room, that includes the witnesses called to stand and the tribunal judges.

Anyways my point is, that apparently the lawyers involved in the case have expressed concern for their safety. Our government is supposed to be protecting everyone involved in the trial, witnesses, the judges, the lawyers and of course the defendants. And get this, two of the lawyers involved have already been assassinated.

so as I am reading this I can't help but think to myself, perhaps the US government should focus on protecting the innocent people a little more and maybe just forget that saddam exists for a moment. I was thinking this because the article was talking about Saddam's reactions to some of the testimonies, which was apparently maniacal laughter at some points. Which just screams that he has got to be one of the most sadistic and messed up people on the planet. So by his guardians forgetting about him, I was hoping someone would get a successful assassination attempt and it would all be over with.

I don't even know why they are having a trial for him. He doesn't deserve to have even a glimmer of hope for a second chance... Ugh... What a disgusting person...


a quick lesson in: rawmeatology

i got some interesting responses to the previous post i put up about mold. this was however simply my own irrational fears and oppinions.. only parts were based on scientific fact... but now i've got something very interesting to show you all.

This is all true... and for those weak of stomach... you might want to not see this...

okay so here's the deal. On the occasion i actually learn something from watching tv. On this particular occasion i learned that there is a guy named Aajonus Vonderplanitz who eats rotten, uncooked food and that is it. He wont eat the food unless it is at least a year old. Generally it's rotten meat. Which as we all know putrifying meat is probably one of the nastiest smelling/looking things around. He also wont eat it in the house for obvious reasons.

Now you might be asking yourself, "Why would someone do that?"

i asked myself the same question. i also was under the impression that food that has not been cooked let alone has completely rotted was deadly. i guess i was wrong. so i continued watching to see just why he kept such a strict diet of rotten food.

so basically this guy was suffering from around 7 incurable diseases.. so after he got cancer a nurse gave him a pamphlet on raw carrot juice, which i read with great difficulty due to his dislexia. And miraculously after a week or two of drinking raw carrot juice his dislexia was cured.

later when his cancer got worse and he was nearly 30 years old he was fasting to kill himself in an indian burial ground and some cyotes brought him some raw meat. which he ate and the next day he was practically cured... thus the cycle began...

i can't even begin to tell the whole story but if you read this interview with him you'll get his life story. it's not too long and it is quite interesting...

never the less this is a totally disgusting thing... but apparently it's worked for a number of people...

oh but here's a new development in our story of Aajonus Vonderplanitz:
non of the articles that i read said anything about him eating "rotten" foods.. just raw foods. so ripley's believe it or not lied too me... hmph. either way it's still gross.*shudder*



Yet again blogger has made me realize just how much i miss having normal webspace, where i can edit all the codes myself. and make it just how i want.

granted, i really appreciate the simplicity of blogger, and how they give you a nice variety of templates to choose from, i just wish i could do more with it. grmm. hmph.

sometimes i get tv and reality confused.

man highspeed internet rules. just wish i didn't have to go downstairs to the office to use it.

anyways today's topic of discussion, Invasion which i know i'm not the only one watching it. I'm totally hooked. i'll admit it. but here's the interesting part.

About a week ago i was driving krista home. Now for those of you not familiar with the area where i live...... it looks something like this, if you drive down the big hill by my house you are in purdy washington. This is a unique little town with a bay in it. Spanning the bay is a small bridge which is connected to the main land and a land bridge called the purdy spit, which is where the key peninsula starts.

now when driving across this land bridge and small man made bridge there is water on both sides. One which eventually leads out to the ocean in a round about way, and one which is really the end of the bay. It might be called henderson bay, i'm not entirely positive.

at any rate when you are driving out to the key peninsula, to your right is the end of the bay.

So on this weird night i am driving out to the key peninsula and i look to my right. Now this is an all private property area. the tide is in completely. I look to my right and there are hundreds of lights in the water. yellow lights the size of say... soft balls.

my first thought is "holy crap there are aliens in purdy!!!"
so i keep driving since if i didn't i would probably cause an accident.

on my way back home i look out there again and the lights are still there. except this time i can see them a little clearer.

it turns out they weren't aliens as in extra terrestrials. but it was more like they were possibly illegal immigrants from mexico harvesting oysters/clams.


A quick lesson in moldology

I've been taking a step back lately and looking at myself. I decided that it must be pretty interesting to be me. How so? Well let me take a moment to explain myself.

First, I'm a self diagnosed hypochondriac.

Second, I'm mildly obsessive compulsive. At this point you could ask yourself this, "Is she really obsessive compulsive or is she making this all up."

Third, I'm extremely paranoid about mold. This one may need some detailing. It goes like this, mold isn't good for you. If you are allergic to it, it can be deadly. Now how would one go about knowing if they were allergic to mold or not? Most people can determine their mold allergy status by simply being around it and experiencing the typical allergy symptoms, such as a running nose, itchy eyes etc. Now here's the problem, if you're like me and you're allergic to most things that are airborne, you can't tell what is causing the allergic reaction, the mold or say, the dust or pollen, or someone's overuse of perfume.

So this brings me to my final point. If you aren't positive you are allergic to mold and you eat a piece of moldy bread or cheese and you are allergic to it you could potentially die. Am I right?

Oh now here is an interesting biology fact for you. When you see the mold flower (the green parts) on your food or whatever, the mold has already spread itself through out the entire thing. Try and think of it this way: if you put a time release capsule of water inside of a sponge and waited for it to go off, you wouldn't know when the capsule burst until the water reached the edges of the sponge. Mold works the same way. It could be inside your loaf of bread or brick of cheese for days before you know its there.

And people think I'm crazy when I won't eat cheese that they "just cut the mold off of."

sorry I got a little sidetracked and didn't finish my original thought process. I wont bore you with that now.


there are ghosts

I had a dream this afternoon while I was napping.
In my dream I was in the UK again. There was a big group of people there. I recall falling asleep in my dream in a locker room. When I woke up I couldn't walk. I could barely keep my eyes open I was so tired. It was a little scary. I think someone drugged me in my dream. Perhaps it was all of the NyQuil I had been taking this week catching up with me and messing with my mind.

After that dream I had another dream that I had to drive a Semi for my dad's company. I parallel parked it beautifully in one try. I was very impressed with myself. When I had to move it again, it was increddibly difficult to stop because it weighed so much. No matter how hard I stepped on the breaks it wouldn't stop. That was kind of scary.

I have been having very weird dreams lately. ugh.


robots listen to jazz

sometimes when i watch people while they are talking i notice that they blink their eyes a lot, more than normal people do. when that happens i wonder if i do that sometimes.

yesterday i almost bought an ipod. i decided not to... but only so i could save up my money to get an ibook instead. i'll probably need about $1500 to get the bare minimum. hmmph. oh computers. techonology.


ahhh wow.

my dad sneezed three times and at the fourth this is what it sounded like "AHHHHHH....wow" he was in shock of the lack of sneeze.

i made him get some nyquil for me so i can sleep tonight without drowning in my own mucous. I know that when i wake up in the morning there will be a fresh coat of slime over my vocal cords preventing me from speaking in a normal non squeaking voice.

lets be optimisitic for a moment.

being sick has it's downsides but really there is other side. which isn't necessarily all good but... anyways i'll get to the point. Occasionally i lose my voice when i'm ill. it doesn't happen to often, but this time i can forsee it happening. Oh but it's so much fun though, it's like you're a prepubescent boy again and your voice cracks constantly. And you can forget about singing! hah! that's just a total joke.

and then there is this other thing where if i'm sick enough since i work in food service i am NOT allowed to go to work. hopefully this will work out for tomorrow night. lets keep our fingers crossed...


hungry hungry hippos

whoa... we played football today and it was the most ridiculous injury game yet.

first i go to tackle zach and he does a sort of kartwheel as he's going down and kicks me in the eye with his cleets. so i get a black eye and it's split so it bleeds a little.

then chad tackles mathias and hits him in the nose, so mathias' nose is gushing blood the entire game. gruesome.

it was a good game.


plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is

last night i had a dream that there was a war. and i was fighting in it. the part that is most vivid to me is this, I had a gold samurai sword. I was to fight the best samurai in the world. I fought him. and i cut both of his arms off in the end. then i slit his throat. it was terrible.

shortly after i won this fight people started going crazy. There were no sides anymore people were fighting simply to stay alive. One man was trying to kill me. so i was running away. And i reached this group of girls. They were being protected by some military guy and he needed a break so he requested that i watch over them for the time being.

So i'm there protecting them with a flame thrower. then this guy walks up and he's looking pretty suspicious so i asked him for his identification and he said it was in his other bag. so i said "get out of here right now" and he wouldn't leave. so i had to use force. but then all the girls started freaking out and getting all worried and crying and i was tired of it so i said to them "YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO KILL A MAN WITH A SAMURAI SWORD! SHUT UP!" and then pevsner(my cat) woke me up. she was lonely this morning.

that was my dream... weird dream.


eat your vegetables

today i came to the realization that my brain is begining to atrophe. it's a combination of neglecting to read and watching tv instead and doing more than my usual ammount of exercise. i've notice this change in katy as well. since she began jazzercising with the girls she's gotten a little dumber. it's dissapointing. coincidentally i'm rather pleased with the fact that my parents have yet to succumb the technology and get digital cable with ondemand. i think i would litterally be a vegetable by now if we already had it. three weeks was enough.

(there is currently a war going on between the upstairs and the downstairs. the upstairs is losing. which is sad. but i will admit it's not a fair game. the game is this: upstairs connects to internet. downstairs attempts to connect. upstairs gets kicked off. upstairs retaliates with reconnection. downstairs says something along the lines of "oh someone is online upstairs" and the comcast guy finally comes to fix the problem.)


OH! Canada

an old man once told me a joke. it went something like this:

him- do you know how they got the name canada?
me- no... i guess not.
him- they pulled letters out of a bag.
me- oh?
him- yeah they pulled them out this way "c eh. n eh. d eh."

it's a terrible joke.

tomorrow is work ass off day, then drive to canada and relax to why? night. should be exciting to the max.


hold on loosely

i found myself reading the most amusing blog i have ever read before just now.

ugh. let me start over.

i'm at work. i've had a total of 4 people walk in the store. The first was shortly after i opened the door and then just now 2 of our regulars a couple.. very funny people, and simultaneously the milk delivery guy, who coincidentally just take coffee when he feels like it. needless to say, i'm bored out of my mind!

so i've been catching up on all this dilbert nonsense that i have been missing out on the last few days. The DNRC newsletter was the first order of business. which i found satisfactory as usual. but mr. adams made note that he started a blog. which was more than satisfactory, it was hilarious. So funny in fact that i was laughing so hard that i flailed my arms about like a crazy person and knocked over my glass of water. which lead to a large slippery mess on the concrete floor. which i proceded to laugh harder about and slip as i pick up my cup. shortly thereafter these people, our regulars, bruce and debbie come in and as i get some hot water for a cup of tea i manage to get distracted and pour hot water ALL over the floor. which bruce of course has to make fun of me as much as possible.

so now.. i had to take a breif break from writing this because i had another couple come in and they just wanted tea again. and so i just went to hand the lady her tea and i litterally ran into the guy, who was sitting down minding his own business...

what is my problem today? ewwwwww now they're making out.. ugh..gross.. *shudder*


dinosaurs have nothing to do with evolution....

tonight i remade my resume.
watching jurassic park right now.
the girl screams WAY too much.
i'm really tired.
people are going crazy.
that includes me.
i need a new job.
i think i'm getting sick again.
we're housesitting this week..
and also the next.
i am going to portland on wednesday.
taking the train. to spend a few days with me madre.
this week should be fun.
jurassic park is not so much fun.


blam. awkward.

i find it extremely annoying when i go to use the internet at my house and i can hear someone (i wont name names) downstairs in the office say "oh someones online" and a few seconds later i get kicked off the internet...

how inconsiderate!!!! if you know someone is online wait your turn. jerks.

it is also annoying when you father asks you if you need the car you drive almost every day and you say "yes i need it at 11:30 at the latest." and when you wake up in the morning it's gone as you expected and you wait for it to return and 12:00 rolls around and there is still no vehicle. so you call the driver and ask when they will return and you find out it will be hours and apparently someone gave them the idea that you didn't need the vehicle at all. so you cancel your plans and start making yourself lunch. and you get a phone call from the driver telling you that your father (who now apparently feels bad about the misunderstanding) is on his way back and you can use his car... so you get your plans back together. and another half hour rolls by and you are on the verge of being VERY late and you call your father and he's pulling into the driveway as the phone is ringing. and so you can leave.

also very inconsiderate. you should always stick to plan unless everyone knows about the changes and is okay with that...

on the upside i got to eat mexican food with two of my favorite ladies, sarah and katy. and we had a delightful time.

but then when i went to pick up my check from work. it wasn't there because someone had already taken it to the other store. BAH HUM BUG!!!

i've had a dumb kind of day... a lot of my days have been like that lately. i think i need a bike ride.


off books division.

i'm better. i'm no longer cursed with the bird flu.

we were out of a phone/internet for about a week.
comcast "accidentally" cut the phone wires.... idiots.

so whats new? the truck tire finally popped at the port orchard ferry dock on sunday night. we were stranded. and since there was no phones at my house i couldn't get ahold of my dad to let him know what happened. so we went to seattle anyways. took the bus home...hrmmm. the tire is fixed now though....

word of the day:

hatchet man
n. Slang

1. A man hired to commit murder.
2. One assigned to carry out a ruthless task or a vicious or unscrupulous order.


i am so bored.

----------Edit 8:45 pm---------------

train of thought, point of view.

will someone please take me to a petting zoo. a real petting zoo. not a zoo where i can't see the animals up close. zoos suck. the animals are always hiding. i like to pet the animals. and be able to see them with out binoculars. i like ducks. bulls are angry creatures, are they ever happy? or are they always mean. or is being mean fun to them?

word of the day:


1. One who grips a hanging strap or similar device for support while riding as a passenger on a bus or subway.
2. One who uses public transportation.


i'm a villain stuck in a dead end job

someone gave me the bird flu...

when i find out who it is.... they are dead meat.


thinking about roadkill today.
what happens to roadkill after it's flattened?
my theory is this:
after an animal is hit it becomes 2 dimentional.
what else is 2 dimentional.
when you hit a cute little bunny, or squirrel, or a cat, it becomes a cartoon.
i guess the same would go for people.
if you hit a person with your car and they die, they become a cartoon.
how do you think elmer fud came into existence?

so i guess what i'm trying to say is:
roadkill is short for cartoon.


it starts so easy.

i had a dream once that time wasn't time.
the government controlled everyday.
they made days as long as they wanted.
they made weeks as short as they could.
mondays were rarely ever really mondays.
no day of the week was ever repeated.
monday would be tuesday.
tuesday sunday.
wednesday friday.
etc. etc.

i'm affriad of that dream.
what if it were true?
then i would have even less of a concept of time.
i already forget the day too often.
what if the day forgot me?

that was a real dream. it was scary.

-------------EDIT 9:24pm--------------------------------

so shortly after i posted this, i went to take a nap.
i was awakened by a phone call. i answered, it was my boss.
i don't even remember the first half of the call. all i know is that she
wanted me to open tomorrow if the girl who is supposed to can't.
so here's what i was thinking, and i must've sounded
compeltely insane. i thought when i woke up was wednesday morning.
and she wanted me to work thursday morning.
and i kept confusing myself until finally
i asked what day it was. i explained that i had been napping.
i must've sounded
completely insane.
i was so disoriented.
this scares me a great deal.

i only remember one other time this happened. i was a little kid. it was about the same time of year. i think i was sick. i fell asleep around 6pm just like today. and then i woke up at like 8 i had no idea if it was 8am or pm. and no one would tell me which it was they just laughed. i was so worried. i had no idea. i had to wait and see what the sun did to know what time of day it was. DISORIENTATION.


you speak well.

more pictures:
time for diliberation

that's it for now.


trip over a rock... i mean rug.

she made beats.. i mean books.

thats not possible just because you work at mcdonalds doesn't mean you're someone.. not just like me. real people don't work at mcdonalds. easy.

a bunch of femnists who are slightly overweight are riding a bus together... scary.

new cell phone this week... hopefully.. giddy up.


for you daniel... the only graffiti i could find to take a picutre of:
i've been craving cheetos...


are we gonna go grocery shopping tonight?

well i'm home. got home sunday night. with a HUGE ammount of traveling.. all day.. like 30 hours of travel time. it was horrible.

i went to the fair on monday. that was fun. we all go super dizzy passes and all became super dizzy as a result. but we had a blast. i think when you go to the fair you have to eat krusty pups, elephant ears, and lots of free drink samples.

tuesday i went to work. first day back.went rather nicely. i missed working. i worked again today.

well thats it for now.

hope to see you all soon


well welll... here we are in cambridge found a library... YAY internet... withdrawls are now subsiding...

we went to st. ives yesterday. which is quaint i guess. it's a very old town type place... bought all kinds of crap for everyone...

missing the kitties and peepee back home. rapidly getting bored with this town....

lots of rain and now back to sunny weather.

hood djing in leeds tonight... i'm not going... :( sad day...

thats it for now i guess...

daniel- not finding much graffiti here... they have graffiti clean up crews... searching though.


waking up is hard to doooooo

oh ok i gotta keep this one short.. only about 16 minutes left on the internet...

erm... everyone here is so polite.

like warning signs are all very polite. instead of saying "do not do this" it says "doing this can be dangerous" hmm not a very good example... more like "Do not stand in front of the subway doors" or the polite "Blocking the doors can be dangerous"

does that even make sense?

we were thinking about going to france tomorrow. but it's going to end up costing like £150 to do that...so we're not sure we want to spend the money yet... it'd be sweet though....

i guess thats all for today. smells like smoke in the computer place.. bleck... head ache.

ooo me and randee bought book lights yesterday and she made her sneak down into my bed last night. it looked just like war of the worlds was attacking..


coincidentally i'm on a spy mission

well to all that read this i arrived safely yesterday around 11am. i guess it would've been like 1ish at home. we found the hostel really quickly and wandered around a bit. i felt like crap as the jet lag took it's toll on my day. in a terrible mood until i slept for about four hours woke up and went for dinner and ice cream.. mmm ice cream.

i'm in desperate need of a shower. the hostle makes you rent a towel for £1 a day and i'm not down with that. we made a desperate search for towels yesterday to find nothing. today we will attempt the towel search again.

we just left the HMV music/movies/games store. bought a bunch of cds. randee my mom and myself will be having a good ol' time listening to our new cds. i found deep puddle dynamics which is nearly impossible to find at home. i couldn't even order it.

we haven't accomplished very much yet, we took the underground to charring cross today. which is where we are right now at an internet cafe. i have been desperately avoiding paying 2p to go pee... i'm at bursting point right now. but paying to eliminate is just silly.

anyways thats all for now.. more on this later. hope you all are well and i hope this made your tuesday morning at work a little more entertaining. have a fantabulous week..

daniel- i'm looking for good grafiti for you. i'll take pictures. i promise!
devon- i saw some red suade boots at a thrift store yesterday and i thought of you. i didn't buy them because they'd be a bitch to take back sorry.

souveniers will be bought though!


better cancel your minutes some turd might be calling New Orleans

i already posted this in my livejournal... but here goes nothin:

wow. what a weekend.

for those of you that don't know already, yesterday i accidentally flushed my cellular phone down the toilet. it fell right out of my pocket as the toilet was flushing. so it's gone, AND the toilet is broken.... or clogged with cellphone.

so point is, i've lost all the numbers i once had in the phone. so if you'd be so kind as to email your phone number to me or send it to me i'd appreciate it....

you can email me at:


i'm leaving for the UK in approximately 11 hours... so i'll have to get back to you when i return.. at which point everyone can expect me to have a bad british accent on accident..

i am so flipping hungry.


i love the new look natalie.

oh thank you..

it looks like a child designed it.

oh perfect. thats what i was going for.

ideal jobs?

everyone should do this right now....


type in your name and submit.

this means more jobs for more people.


i'm a housekeeper by natalie paquet.


don't choose your job at random, let the simulator do it.



today i bought a canon a520 4 megapixel digital camera and a 512 mb memory card for my trip. i am excited.expect lots of pictures. expect few posts over the next few weeks.

i leave in 8 days.


stuff like this is annoying

why would anyone have the nerve to post this as a comment on my blog. totally ridiculous. argh. losers.

lewisandres9009 said...

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3:54:24 AM


dancing is not an expensive habbit..

jazz it up.

oh i gotta do this before my boss gets here...

saturday night we went to seattle. me devon v. demetri and katy. we met up with brian, brian's brother matt and wesley. me and devon and demetri went together to the city center to meet with the others. i had to pee so i went to QFC to go to the urination station there. while i waited at the door doing the potty dance almost in tears because i had to go so bad i knocked at the door to see if someone actually was in there. the woman inside said " YEAH" and so i waited patiently a bit longer. when this girl who was waiting before i even got there came to see if the bathroom was vacant yet we decided that the lady who was in there was probably drunk and wasn't going to be out anytime soon. so we left to find another bathroom. she went to dick's and i went to larry's.

when i was on my way back from larry's feeling relieved, i called devon to see where the boys were. and they said they were coming out of the QFC. when i met up with them they said that the lady in the bathroom was still in there and asked them to call 911. so they talked to the QFC people told them what was up and an ambulence was on it's way. we waited around to see if she exploded or something. anyways after a long wait the EMT's finally came out with her on a stretcher. as we expected she was of large proportions. when i asked the EMT if she was okay he said "yeah she'll be fine" when i told him we were the people she asked to call 911 and we wanted to know what was up with her, he said "she just got sick." and she really didn't look that bad.

i was disappointed. i had hoped she got stuck in the bathroom b/c she was too big, or she pooped her guts out or had a miscarriage.. NONE OF THESE!!! just a little to much mc donalds and beer i guess... gross..

well thats my big story of the night.


what happens when Sarah, Mathias and Natalie stay up late watching "the mirror has two faces" and taking personality test?

Quote of the week:

"I ate a necklace!"
-- Sarah P.

coincidentally i always feel ill this early in the morning. haven't quite found a remedy for it. sleep i guess is what i've got to do.


what are you talking about willis?

okay... i've been lazy or busy. or both now?

19 days until i leave.
tomorrow parking ticket gets taken care of before work...hopefully.
dentist today. now my gums hurt.

many people are trying to get me and kt to move to seattle it seems. it's looking like a possibility now. but then there is the whole issue of a job. so someone give me a job and i'll do it.

brooke is also trying to convince us to move to hawaii with her. i really don't want to move to hawaii. blerk.

thats all i can think of for now.



boom karks

i've got a lot on my mind these days...

as i note prior to..well today, we've got some serious car related trouble (ie fixing the car, paying tickets) so thats an expensive whatever.

it sort of started to hit me this weekend that i'm leaving in approximately 22 days for england.

i have to learn how to let people down easy now.

i have to work A LOT.

i found out that a week after we get back from england my mom is going to basically move to portland for 4 months. she'll be here on the weekends and thats about it. just my mom. no one else is going. she'll be living out of a hotel for 4 months, luckily work will pay for the hotel and gas going back and forth.

it's starting to hit me now that i'll probably be moving out around the same time my mom moves down there. my sister and dad are going to go crazy.

i've got a lot on my plate right now and it seems that more and more stress keeps piling up on me.

what next?


Tic its

three months ago: plane ticket (not mine but my mom's$700)
three weeks ago: parking ticket ($100)
two weeks ago: sigur ros ticket ($42)
yesterday: speeding ticket (not mine but katy's $71)
today: parking ticket ($45)

who knows what is next. this summer has been one really expensive one.


gruuuughlllll (sound of dread)

i've got some good news and some bad news, first the bad:

BAD NEWS (take one)-
i just got a call from katy and she said that the car needs a new battery and air filters.. i think they are getting it fixed now. gr. old cars always just a bad idea....

BAD NEWS (take two)-
just found out that instead of just needing a new batter and air filters we'll actuall be needing a whole new engine. ugh.

GOOD NEWS (take one)-
I just found my old blogger that will let you know what i was like from grade 7-9. it sort of just starts somewhere and then trails off. i'm sure there are more blogs of mine out there in the world.. i don't know where.. i'll keep searching... at any rate here is an excerpt, my favorite passage (it reminds me of anchor man)

Tuesday, April 09, 2002
i love pie. i love it. love it love it love it.

so i've eaten a lot now. I ate.... umm.... uh.... i ate 2 sandwiches, 2 cookies. about 16 chicken nuggets and a lemon bar. that was throughout the duration of the day though... umm yeah. does that make me a pig? OINK OINK"

and you can find the whole thing at


Splinter Magazine

Ladies and gentlemen! lend me our ears!

I'd like you all to take a moment and stop by this lovely website

This is a great new music magazine based in the UK. The first issue came out in July. Anyways you guys should all check it out and order a copy of the next issue. with the exchange rate and shipping it is like $6 US. it's totally worth it. trust me.

choreographed melodramatics

i really like the commercials that fat tire put out on the television. they are really feel good.

now then. what i really came here to say:

what is this world coming to? For the last 2 and a half weeks our manager has been out of town and so we've been running out of ver important things. such as straws, lids for cups, ice cream and frozen yogurt for smoothies, smoothie flavors, soda, bottled water, club soda and the list goes on. So basically we've been making due on our own but only starting this week.

so i went to schedule a musician for this weekend and i ended up running to the grocery store to pick up straws which we had totally run out of like zero left in the whole store. so i did that.

then i found out that the girl who was closing coffee had never even been trained to close coffee. so after bookstudy i came in and helped her out. no big deal. i could use the hours.


Shoot foo. i came home from work and saw this corona box on the table and looked in it and there was an espresso machine/ coffee pot in it. my mom got me an espresso machine. holy crap. i am happy.

oh but get this, whoever owned it last had it in storage for about 5 years and left purocaf in the boiler! it was disgusting and took so long to clean. but now it's up and running and i just have to pick up some beans from work. WOOT!

daniel come and play with my espresso machine. you'll like it. i promise.


i'm not so sure

i saw the most tragic thing today. well at first it was really funny but then i thought about it and i was sad all the way to work. at which point i promptly forgot about it.

so i was on my way to work and about two minutes down the road from my house i notice a cop car parked between two normal cars on the side of the road. at first glance it looked like maybe a car accident. so i turned to look at the damage and this is what i saw:

the cop and the people had a very skinny brown shaggy dog on a leash.
the dog however had a very bizzare looking muzzle.
when i got to the point where i could see the dogs snout i realized that this was no muzzle.
but in fact it was a jar.
the dog got it's head stuck in a jar.
i laughed.
then i thought about how horrible and scary that would be.
you wouldn't be able to see the cars coming at you on the road as the glass would distort you vision.
so at this point you'd be in a state of panic.
Then on top of the panic and blurred vision there would be the whole not having a lot of air to breath because your head would be blocking any air passages.

i felt so bad for the dog that i couldn't even enjoy how nice out it was.

i always seem to see the saddest accidents. make fun of them at first then realize how bad it really is.



no... she's right.


god so yesterday my sister threw a surprise graduation party for me. that was just a dumb idea. i specifically asked to not have a party but since people went to all this trouble for me i had to pretend to have a good time. it wasn't that bad but it wasn't great either. it was lame too because when i first got to my house and walked in the door it was just jacob and levi and chelsey and sandy. then a few more people showed up and i thought "man this isn't so bad. not too many people. i can live with that" but then there ended up being like 30 people there. and i was really disappointed because daniel and devon and randee weren't even invited!!! but then gosh there were so many people at once. ugh. on the upside i got a tent two sleeping bags and chair and a cooler, money, and a loli pop lab and a candy volcano and stationary. who wants a letter? my friends aren't so bad after all. but still parties suck. oh! i forgot fil made me the best present ever! he made me a card! it's so freaking sweet! oh. okay. thats all for now.


Bodies of Water: water parks, water works and water bills.

so today was go to the water park in tacoma day. the crowd included mathias, krista, jacob, levi and myself. turns out the directions mathias found were to the tacoma water and electric building place. dumb. so we didn't go. which i felt bad for because we made jacob drive all the way out there. grr. i feel for him. kind of a lame day.

oh! right. on the way there mathias was making fun of krista's family a lot and said some pretty nasty things. thats when krista turned on the water works. i felt so bad for her. mathias was a jerk today.

so then we dropped krista and mathias off at jol's house and jacob, levi and i went to owens beach and walked around a bit. it was nice. then we came home. i am tired. now is time for work. good. bye.


you said i'll be the one you remember as self obsessed.

today was lovely. when i came home and saw that my mom was up, i thought to myself "well here it comes. i'm in deep doo doo for getting home so late." turns out she was only up because she napped all evening and wasn't very tired. in fact, she was in a really good mood. giddy up.

i love boats. and water. and i wish i lived on a boat very far away from here sometimes. i'm going to travel the seas. OH. gosh. i mean i really really want to do that. taking the ferry made me remember that.

i miss riding the bus. well i don't miss the hour long bus ride from my house to tacoma. HOWEVER i do miss short bus rides. i think i'm going to take the ferry and bus more often. it's really quite nice. cheap too.

oh! the moon was so big tonight. made me think of that talking heads lyric "man in the moon, moon in the man, got a rock in my throat." which brought back other various memories. all of which were pleasant. some confusing others not so much.


human godzilla attacks Los Angeles

Today we went to Red Light and Everyday Music amongst other stores. I bought Talking heads "speaking in tongues" man what a good cd. makes me great happy happy.

OH! got sigur ros tickets today. $42. whoa. i'm very excited for this. it'll be

13 & God in september the day before Sigur Ros. i am very excited for those both and my trip. geehehehehehehe.


la dee da! lower your weapons

okay so a few things that are worthy of note, happenings of late as it were.

first of all, i got my diploma in the mail the other day. i guess that means i'm officially done with high school.

second, my parents have become addicted to the television program "dance 3-6-0" and they watch it every friday. My parents have gotten so into the show that my dad wants to go on the show and show off our family dance (passed down from generation to generation.) which is called the clam digger shuffle. if you want to see it you'll have to ask. anyways he added something to it, so maybe he'll win.

third, my car almost got towed this morning. horrible horrible incident. though i'm glad it didn't happen. but it cost me a pretty penny for it not to happen.

i am thinking an ice cream party will happen soon. i'll keep everyone posted on that.


check it out.

how many movies about dancing have you seen?
-flash dance
-dirty dancing
-saturday night fever
-strictly ballroom
-any movie with danny k.

thats all that comes to mind right now.. i know there are more.


what would you do with a weiner mobile for a day?

DAY 4: Monday July 4th
Miles completed: 3
Time spent traveling: around 1 hour even
Day 4 Roster:
Group 1: Craig, Valerie, Krista, Rosie, Tracy, Levi, Jacob, myself
Group 2: Don, Renee, Dara, Sabrina
Group 3: Bob, Ben, Tyler, Dusty, Kenji.
Monday wasn't especially eventful. we woke up broke camp and hiked out. had lunch/dinner at applebees. went home. it was a good hike out though. very quick. not too painful.

anyways here is a picture from last year's hike to tubal cain looking up at where we were hiking this year.. sort of..

i dreamt i was a crew member on the nautilus

this one will be short because i've tried to type it up about 8 times and everytime i get half way through it the computer freezes.

DAY 3: Sunday July 3rd
Miles completed: 6ish
Time spent traveling: about 4 hours
Day 3 Roster:
Group 1: Craig, Valerie, Krista, Rosie, Tracy, Levi, Jacob, myself
Group 2: Don, Renee, Dara, Sabrina
Group 3: Bob, Ben, Tyler, Dusty, Kenji.
we broke camp at about 7.30am sunday morning and started our hike up the mountain. about 2 miles straight up and we were on the ridge. Krista, Levi and myself had second breakfast at marmot pass. just before marmot pass we had to hike across a scree slope that was covered in snow. and normally this wouldn't be anything special except that the trail had been completely eroded and it was really scary. if one of us were to fall that would've been it. Once we were on the ridge we could see so far out. it was beautiful. We could even see the hood canal bridge from where we were, though it was quite small and far away.
down the other side of the mountain was the second half sunday's hike. it was about 4 miles straight down. Horrible hike down. half way down we sat down for a break and fell asleep on the trail. then we hiked down to tubal cain where we camped for the night.
kenji offered to chop wood for the fire. when he first started people kept telling him to put some boots on because he was just wearing sandals. he stopped chopping wood and everything was okay. but then rosie, krista, levi and i went up to the mine and when we were done exploring krista and rosie waited at the mine for kenji because he was supposed to go with us. so levi and i went back down to camp and when we got there we came to hear the horrible news. Kenji had chopped his foot while trying to cut fire wood. so anways that was the big deal about the night at tubal cain. it was funny. rosie fixed up kenji's foot. bleck.


since when do cars drive themselves?

DAY 2: Saturday July 2nd
Miles completed: 3
Time spent traveling: around 2.5 hours
Day 2 Roster:
Group 1: Craig, Valerie, Krista, Rosie, Tracy, Levi, Jacob, myself
Group 2: Don, Renee, Dara, Sabrina
Group 3: Bob, Ben, Tyler, Dusty, Kenji, Tim, Betty.
Saturday consisted of waking up, exploring across the river a bit. which normally would be difficult to cross, but krista and i found some trees that had conveniently fallen across. So we wandered around on the other side for a while. when we got back we had to break camp and pack up. We were out of the camp by 11.30am.

We hiked up to Boulder camp where there was another storm shelter and the rest of our group was waiting for us. Unfortunately the rest of our group neglected to reserve some camp sites for us and a bunch of boy scouts took them all. So we ate lunch and set up camp. played UNO! and krista and i explored the area a little. we saw many bunny rabbits and chipmunks at the campsite.

It was a beautiful place too. sort on a shelf on the side of the mountain. At one time an avalanche had occured there so there were a lot of trees bent over and half broken. not to mention all these great huge rocks to climb on.

It was kind of foggy out that afternoon. But it was really cool to watch all the fog roll in from all sides around you. this kept the camp site semi-warm until the sky cleared up around 10pm. That was weird because it looked dark but when the sky cleared it was actually still pretty light out. Eventually we could see the stars and they were very pretty. Unfortunately a clear sky meant a cold cold night. and thus no sleep for natalie.

We found the perfect rock to view the scenery and stars from. it was tilted just right and fit four people quite comfortably so, krista, levi, jacob and myself spent the evening guessing which animal eachother was thinking of on the rock. By this point we had officially adopted Levi and Jacob's mother Tracy as our own hiking mother.

and to bed it was for us tired hikers. Krista and I ended up sharing a tent with Valerie and Rosie due to lack of room. Like i mentioned before. We got little sleep because of the weather conditions.

OH THAT REMINDS ME!!! rosie and kenji were flirting a lot. and we made fun of them a lot. thats what the mormon boys (levi and jacob) are good for. sarcasm, cynicism, and making fun of people. it was a blast.

Coming up soon: Day 3! The great mountain top adventure!


It's a trek not through the stars

WOOT. this is probably going to be a 4 part entry. As i have to be up at 4:30am tomorrow and ... well you'll see. so we'll start with

DAY 1: Friday July 1st
Miles completed: aprox. 3
Time spent traveling: 1.5 hours tops.
Day 1 Roster:
Group 1: Craig, Valerie, Krista, Rosie, Tracy, Levi, Jacob, and myself.
Group 2: Don, Renee, Dara, Sabrina
We left the house at about 7am. Stopped at mcdonalds for breakfast and headed out to the dungeness trail head in sequim. We started the hike and of course about 15 minutes into i fall flat on my face because i looked up instead of down where the roots were sticking out of the ground. Not even ten minutes later i have to stop because my pack has worn a hole through my pants and cut into my leg. NOT FUN! so i got that all fixed up. Other than that the hike went very well and we arrived at Camp Handy around lunchtime. We ate lunch and set up camp. I think krista and i took a nap and then we woke up just in time for dinner. We ate and tried to start a fire. Failed. Tried again. And then the rest of our group arrived around 8.30 and got a pretty good fire going. My feet were cold so i put them in front of the fire and after a number of warnings, my shoes started to smoke and the rubber sole melted. funny. after this we went to bed. didn't sleep. too cold. At this point we have no idea what lays ahead.

More on day two tomorrow.

(note: the commercial levi spoke of when the song came on just played on tv)


an electric blue hatchback.

work is so slow in them mornings over here in tacoma.

i was setting myself up for something scary to happen today. i opened the door because it's already like a gazillion degrees inside the store. (it's only 6.17am). and its really foggy out this morning. i mean so foggy that you couldn't see the bridge towers in front of you until you were right under them. at any rate, the fog was actually finding it's way into the store once i opened the door and it was just bizzare looking. i almost went to change the music from jazz to classical just to see if i could make it look like a scene from a movie.

I'd just like to point out that there are three coca cola vans outside of the store right now. I'm pretty sure they're planning a raid on the store. or perhaps they are casin' the joint. who knows how long they've been out there or how long they'll be out there. they're watching me. of that much i am sure.

It only makes sense that they'd be watching me as i'm slowly taking over the world. I've decided to dedicate this particular blog to the progress i'm making in my world domination. Be prepared for some sketches of my progress. In the mean time, let's take a look at my progress thus far.

I've located the perfect place for a lair/lab. The only problem with it is that i can't take it over until i've become independantly wealthy. At any rate, the glass museum hot shop will be perfect. I even came up with a way to infiltrate and overtake if necessary.

I decided to start small...

A note of what i've accomplished in the area of brainwashing thus far. I'll leave family and friends out of this for now. But i'm sure i've got the Gig Harbor art and soul convinced that they cannot go on without me. and if they cannot go on without me than neither can the customers. This will work to my advantage a great deal in the future.

As far as the tacoma art and soul is concerned. well this is a little bit harder. As they feel i'm not a large asset to the company. For now this is okay, but only because i've put and addictive chemical in the coffee i make. I like to call this chemical "caffine". Before i put the chemical "caffine" in our coffee i did an experiment on one of our regulars, dexter. It worked on him. He's so addicted now he comes in 3 or 4 times a day. I'm sure that once the "caffine" gets circulated throughout tacoma and gig harbor there'll be no stopping me!!!

more on this later

so far sooo good!


here is a good list

in order of appearance:
1) that special on president bush being very religious
2) that movie armagedon
3) maria carey in concert
4) sex in the city
5) special on roswell incident or something

if you couldn't already tell, these are some totally ridiculous television programs that my dad has spent at least five minutes watching this evening.

whoa. i've been going crazy today.

anybody actually know what weather balloons are for? or if they really exist?
i visited the glass museum for the first time today. i was unimpressed. although i have yet to visit a museum that was impressive. no i take that back. i got to see the egyptian exhibit at the seattle art museum when i was a kid. that would have been cool had i not been a kid, and had i actually been able to keep my attention. at any rate, the museum was okay. it was a free visit for us thanks to wesley so worth it i suppose.

eh... i ripped my pants on a fence tonight. kt got sick. i'm not sleepy. and tomorrow i'm gonna miss meeting becuase of work. i am pretty sure Dee the manager is secretly trying to get me to quit. it makes perfect sense.


ooo. hiking this weekend. excited for this am i.


something for daniel and devon to read while they are bored monday at work

i've been so tired lately. since about thursday i've been sleeping as much as possible. Perhaps i'm getting sick, which is totally unacceptable. lets see here's a recap of this weeks events:
Monday: went out in service then swimming at the lake and then to see batman.
Tuesday: went out in service then i don't remember then bookstudy.
Wednesday: worked. then to some mary kay thing.
Thursday: went out in service then ate pie with chad and audrey (for those of you who don't know that's chad's sister) and then to chad's beach for a while. came home took a nap. then meeting.
Friday: Service for about an hour. then to demetri's then to chad's then to seattle. hung out with devon varmega, went to see white mice, the coughs love of diagrams and another band i can't recall the name of. then found out I5 was down to one lane and ended up staying at randees. it was very nice of her to put us up for the night, or put up with us for the night. Also got to hang out with devon and daniel for a while. which was nice. and thanks again to daniel for taking me to the bathroom. and i apologize for drinking the last beer, or thank you for that?
Saturday: drove demetri to west seattle, drove back out to the gig took chad home, came home showered (which i was way overdue for)and fell asleep until about 1:30 at which point i woke up and checked my email got a call from work asking me to come in early and i did. So i worked about an 8.5 hour day. came home exhausted and slept.
Sunday (today or was it yesterday): went to meeting. came home slept for 4 hours, woke up, cleaned the kitchen floor and went to a BBQ at rob, steven and izzy's house. which was okay i guess. i wont get into details. except that fil came and it was nice getting to hang out with him a little bit. hopefull he'll want to hang out more. anyhow, then went over to wes's appartment and played music for a little while. and then came home. and of course my mother called promptly at 12 am asking where we were. which was a minute away from the driveway. ugh. this is why i need to move out. primarily. i think.

furture plans include:
Monday: service and then its a free for all
Tuesday-thursday: work
Friday-Monday: hiking trip (not sure it will actually last that long
after monday i'm sure i have to work. just don't know when exactly.


ok... here's what you've all been waiting for! this is Sir Isaac Newton. He's the new addition to my family. he is a lovely kitty, but he might eat you in your sleep if you're not careful. at any rate this is the old boy:


WAHHHH! Thunder and lightning storm! yEAH! eoo. i'm so excited. i hope that the computer doesn't electricute me because it's on my lap.
Finally went and saw batman last night. it was good. very good. i can't wait for the next one. man. i was pleased to see raaz al ghul in it. man he was like my all time favorite villian i the batman comics. i wonder if his daughter will be making an appearance in the upandcoming movies? after the movie me and chad went to the beach and walked up and down it. the moon was full i think. or is that tonight? at any rate it was a very relaxing warm night. though my mom freaked out when i got home.

today though is raining and bleh. i'm thinking today is going to be a good day for making art and listening to hood alone in my room. which is pretty much the plan.

zee dop deedle dooooo.

i'm outa here foo.


it's all a matter of time.

look what we've come to. every story has been told at least twice. Most of us couldn't dig deep enough within ourselves to find any sort of depth or meaning in our sad lives. so we look to the few that can. and take that as our own. we're emotion theives. and most of us can only dig up an ancient emotion on an oh too hot summer night when we can't sleep. and we're all to preoccupied to even notice that when we do actually have a thought it's not about the whale beached on the interstate or the mass pigeon feeding on 26th street. But its about whats for dinner and who we'd rather be seen with at the local coffee shop this weekend, where we'll sit and talk about what work was, and who's doing what. It's hard for us to sit and appreciate what we did before we lost our vision. Simply doing nothing on a warm day or laying in the snow watching the trees get covered flake by flake until a dish breaks and suddenly we're awake. And all that we can remember is that it wa a good dream. and that's it. Imagine what its like for me to take my imagination off and set it on the bedside table and stare at you. right in the face. I'm making horrible looks at it. but it's not you i'm just trying to figure out what color your eyes are today. Because you wont believe. no tell me when i say i can't see you. well, i can see you but i don't care so i look past you and imagine bigger and better things for my day. And then i fall back to sleep. But you're still there telling me something about the kitchen. And then there's that pleasant dream again. the one where my face is cold and white. its right where we left off. it's hard to look at the sky when it's that bright. And at this point i don't even care what your name means. or really what it is. is. You see nothing is important enough to wake me up from my childhood. The one i never got to have until now. And it's all made up. The really sad part is, i wont remember it tomorrow.

indian food just keeps on giving.

I went up to seattle to visit Devon and Daniel. This was very nice. It was good to see everyone up there again. Dinner was delicious. Good job on that Devon. Always a pleasure to see Randee again. nice to meet sarah, finally. The giant cat book store was the greatest thing i think i have experienced in a very long time. i will go back. and take some pictures for everyone to see the massive kitties. soon i will have pictures of newton as well. we shall do this again soon yes? picknic in port townsend anyone? anyone? well i'm off to bed. good night world.


the other day on the way to work i saw handfuls of people all carrying the same type of bread down the street. i think there must have been some sort of big bread giveaway. or maybe there was going to be a mass pigeon feeding. hard to say. but weird nontheless.


my sister greased up her hamsters wheel with cooking spray.

the hamster licked all the grease off.

what a fat cow.
welcome to the weird bar be que.

here we serve.

team sauce and dirty socks.

you'll eat it because it's popular and expensive.

not because it tastes good.


man. midnight things are scary. but fun. it was nice out last night. kinda chilly but that was coats are for. the sky was mostly clear. OH MAN! and what a sunset last night. we were out on fox island for it. it was very pretty. bright oranges and pinks and the clouds were glowing sooooo big. it was fantastic!


new kitty cat. i got an all white siamese today from the humane society. pretty expensive but he's nice. he peed on me on the way home cause he was so scared. then pooped all over himself. so i gave him a bath. which he was pretty ok with. now he's wandering around making pevsner so mad. he is fixed already and its very nice. i think we'll call him newton. pevsner just yelled at me. oh well.

landfilled tonight?


eh. apparently i am not nice enough to customers. apparently there have been complaints. (i think this is a lot of B.S.) i guess i just didn't realized i was rude. or something. i always thought i was pretty nice. i hate my job sometimes. i guess i was wrong. maybe i should just quit.

what if the bridge you're standing on collapsed?


what if you were a mummy and your wrappings were blue?
what if you were a pigme marmoset with buttons for eyes?
what if you were a left foot and a right arm?


OH YAY! i just purchase "the new best of journey". its a book of sheet music.

i got a piano today. i am all set for journey cover band-dom. it's great.

who's with me now?


a little old man just walked past the store to cross the street. when he realized that the traffic on the street was moving at about 25 mph too fast he turned back in the direction he came from. i guess 25 mph was too much for him. so now he's stuck wandering the street in front of the store.
well i guess it's summer...

green tea smells like soap.

work is boring at 6.30 am.

dexter never seems to leave until more customers come. i think this is because he knows that he can't have my undivided attention. such a strange fellow. i wonder if his sister is just like him. i bet she even looks like him. gross.

some guys followed me all the way from gig harbor to work today. it was soooo creepy. i kept telling myself that it was a coincidence that they were headed in the same direction as me. but then when i pulled into work and they screeched past and stopped at the end of the parking spots on the street and parked there i decided they had been following me. i ran into the store and promptly locked the door behind me. this got me so agitated that i even locked the door when no one was in the store and i had to go to the bathroom. it was scary.


insects is really spelled "insects" not "insecs" and i am a retard for spelling it that way to being with. for now problem solved. and i'm happy with having caught that error myself.

so it's spelled with a t and thats that.
rows or tunnels of trees.
a long walk up a dark hill.
ink on my hands.
napping mid afternoon.
climb a tree.
take pictures.
this is my day.


only some of the walls in this building are painted green. the rest are a cold gray cement.
it's only a mater of time before they throw me out.
starting with a new blank space.
it's empty here.


one time i saw two rainbows in the same sky. the one on the right was lighter than the one on the left. i was driving down the road at an intense 25 miles per hour. i arrived at my destination and realized i had forgotten what it was like to see colors in their full spectrum outside of the computer screen. monitoring the shades of reds and blues. oh snap.


welcome all.
no one knows we're here.
we're all alone.
no one will read this.
we keep to yourselves.
no one cares.
we imitate us.
no one has seen this magic.
we take pills.
no one notices our cries for help.
we lived a long life.
no one loved us.
there are too few of you.
there are too many of us.
we share no common grounds.
we wanted nothing from this world but to be us.
you showed us how to exist without living.
we are grateful.
you are thanked.
goodbyes have been said.
no one here needs to worry.